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Whether you own a bar, chain, or local diner — or any other establishment for the good people of your town — you know the importance of restaurant marketing. It’s necessary for converting new customers, retargeting repeat customers, and reaching out to customers who haven’t visited you in a while.

Make 2019 your best year yet when you use That’s Biz for advertising your restaurant. We offer to help with email marketing, mobile coupons, guest access WiFi, text message marketing, digital postcards, and digital flyers — basically everything you need for advertising for restaurants. With so many possibilities in the new year, though, where should you start? We’ve narrowed it down for you with four different New Year’s resolutions you can establish for your restaurant. Get inspired below, and contact That’s Biz today to get started with advertising for restaurants.

Analyze Your Restaurant Marketing

Before you commit to a certain restaurant promotion idea or start Googling restaurant marketing strategies, you’ll first want to analyze your restaurant marketing over the past year (or even further back). What was effective? What was ineffective? Even if you’ve invested a lot into a certain restaurant advertising idea, drop it if it doesn’t have a good ROI. That’s Biz can help you analyze what you’ve done previously — and offer restaurant advertising ideas that will work.

Get Creative With Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Next, don’t just do the same-old-same-old advertising for restaurants (unless you know it will work). There are tried-and-true restaurant marketing ideas to be sure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box. There’s no one who knows your restaurant and your customers quite like you, so get creative and think of what will influence your community the most.

Try Text Message Marketing

SMS marketing services can take your restaurant advertising to the next level, especially on those slower days of the week when you have fewer customers coming into the restaurant. All it takes is an effective pizza discount or 20 percent off coupon — texted to former customers who opted into text message marketing — to get a customer (or a lot into your store). That’s Biz is an expert in texting services for businesses.

Invest In Guest Access WiFi

There are many advantages to guest access WiFi, not least of which is increasing sales and better understanding your customers. It’s 2019 — your customers expect restaurant WiFi at your establishment. You can give them what they want, while also increasing your database for restaurant email marketing and analyzing consumer patterns for restaurant marketing in general. That’s Biz has the WiFi solutions you’re looking for.

2019 is your year — we can feel it. With advertising for restaurants, you want a leader in the industry that you can trust to advertise to your customers and get your customers in the door, eating your delicious food. That’s Biz is the answer. Contact us today to get started with text message marketing, WiFi solutions, restaurant promotion ideas, and advertising for restaurants in general.