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Email marketing services for restaurant franchisees.

Email Marketing Services for Franchisees and Restaurant Owners

Here’s Why Restaurant Brands Partner with That’s Biz…

Email marketing is still the lowest cost marketing available for a local restaurant.  Capture an email address of an interested customer and for fractions of a penny you can promote your business month after month.

Email promotes your brand to people that have been to your restaurants but are not ready to make the leap to join your loyalty program. 

Leverage the corporate email list to promote local offers and get customers in the door.

Email blasts can include single use coupon offers for customers that have not yet joined your loyalty program.  Each coupon promotes the loyalty club with one click access to the loyalty program signup page.

Repeat visits combined with gentle prodding is the easiest and most effective way to turn email subscribers into loyalty members.

But who has the time to create local email blasts for franchisees?

Corporate marketing is overwhelmed promoting the brand. Digital marketing platforms, social platforms, programmatic advertising, Connected TV, local POP materials, loyalty systems, email marketing…

The list is endless and grows every year.

The loyalty system alone is a massive task building target audiences and automated campaigns to increase customer visits and average ticket values.

There’s no time nor corporate staff to create and send local email campaigns for individual franchisees.

That’s where we come in.  We create and manage local email campaigns for you that are affordable and effective for your franchisees.

Most importantly, we delight your franchisees with amazing service we deliver to their individual locations. 

We’re part of your team.  A team that listens to the franchisees, follows your brand direction, and gets stuff done.

We only work with restaurants. We’ve emailed over one billion emails on behalf of restaurants since 2009.

Local Business Problems Email Marketing Solves

  • More Customer Visits
  • More Online Orders
  • Grow Loyalty Members
  • Busy Owners – No Time
  • Limited knowledge creating emails
  • Limited corporate staff

Our Email Marketing Services Success Formula:

We follow a proven email success formula:

  1. Grab customer interest at a glance with compelling ad copy with complementary brand product images.
  2. Keep interest answering the customer’s question, “What’s In It For Me?” with local offers in every email blast.
  3. Promote other local offerings such catering, fundraising, or gift cards providing one-click access for more information.

Rev Up Your Email Marketing Engine:

Successful email campaigns start with a great offer and a coupon landing page. Clicking the coupon link in the email message revs up your marketing engine. Here’s how…

  1. Clicking the coupon link indicates your customer is interested in the offer. 
  2. A reminder email is scheduled X days after viewing the coupon. Automatic email reminders continue until coupon redemption or coupon expiration. Reminders are proven to lift coupon redemptions by 15.9%.
  3. Coupons encourage customers to join your loyalty program.
  4. Customers can text the coupon to their phone for easy coupon retrieval at a later date.
  5. Location specific online ordering links start a customer’s online order in one click. 
  6. Customer redemptions record who used the coupon.
  7. Facebook tracking code on the coupon captures:
    a. Coupon clicks
    b. Online ordering clicks
    c. Coupon redemptions

Facebook uses this information when showing Facebook ads to people most likely to buy from your location.

Get More Positive Online Reviews:

Increase the number of online customer reviews by asking customers after they redeem the coupon to provide an online review on the customer review platforms you select. Data shows that customers redeeming coupon offers tend to be satisfied customers and provide higher average ratings.

Know Your Emails are Working:

  1. Your corporate email system provides opens and clicks information to gage interest. 
  2. Your online ordering system and/or your POS system record offer usage showing how many times the offer was used.
  3. Our coupon system automatically emails the owner with clicks and redemptions by offer.

Building Audience and First Party Data:

Brand Audience Building

Email messages and associated coupon landing pages include the corporate ad tracking pixels. Clicks throughout email message, email links and coupon landing page are added to the corporate audiences for future ad targeting. 

Feeding The Brands Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Building first party data is important to restaurant brands. Emailed coupon offers capture first party data including email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and ip addresses. Adding coupon captured data to the CDP provides a more complete picture of customers interacting with the brand.

Protect Your Brand:

As a trusted partner of your brand, our team ensures email blasts are created to brand standards. We make it easy for local owners/franchisees to send email blasts conforming to brand standards on a timely basis.

Managing the Email Creation Process:

  • Local owners contact our team to create an email blast for their locations.
  • We work with the local owner understanding their business problems and determine the appropriate messaging/offer that will get the best results.
  • Local owners create/request the required online/offer codes.
  • Working within brand guidelines, an email message is created and sent for approval to the local owner.
  • With approval the email message is queued by our team ensuring the email is sent on a date that does not conflict with scheduled brand wide email blasts.
  • Local owners cover the per email creation costs assuming no corporate funding.