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Google search ads for restaurant franchisees.

Google Search Ads Specialist for Franchisees and Restaurant Owners

Here’s Why Restaurant Brands Partner with That’s Biz to help their franchisees run local Google Search ads…

Nobody owns knows more about the people in your local area than Google. Google certainly knows who to show your ads to.

Google’s knowledge comes from their online tools people use every day. Google Search, Google Maps, Google Business Profile, Google Analytics, YouTube, Gmail, and more build detailed profiles of local consumers.

Combining massive volumes of local customer profile data with artificial intelligence gives Google the capability of targeting the right message to the right searcher at the right time.

But who has the time to create local Google Search ads for franchisees?

Corporate marketing is overwhelmed promoting the brand. Digital marketing platforms, social platforms, programmatic advertising, Connected TV, local POP materials, loyalty systems, email marketing…

There’s no time nor corporate staff to build and manage local Google search ad campaigns for franchisees.

That’s where we come in. We create and manage local Google search ad campaigns for you that are affordable and effective for your franchisees.

Most importantly, we delight your franchisees with amazing service and monthly dashboards demonstrating the value of the services we deliver to their individual locations.

We’re part of your team. A team that listens to the franchisees, follows your brand direction, and gets stuff done. 


Local Business Problems Google Search Ads Solve

  • More New Customers
  • More Customer Visits
  • More Online Orders
  • More Calls to the Business
  • Top of Search Results
  • Local Brand Awareness

Here’s Why Google Search Ads Achieve Great Results…

Customers’ use of Google tools paints a picture of people in your local area. Google knows… What they search for… Competition they visit… Competition profiles viewed… Orders placed… Reservations made…

How close are they… Reviews at restaurants like yours… Your hours… Your services… Menu items they have mentioned in reviews…

Combining massive volumes of local customer profile data with artificial intelligence gives Google the capability of targeting the right message to the right searcher at the right time.

Here’s Why Local Restaurants Need Google Search Ads:

Show up at the top of search results… When people search for restaurants “near me”, a Google Search ad puts your location at the top of the list.

Great return on ad spend… Your competition is most likely NOT using Google Search ads. Low competition results in more ad impressions for lower costs.

Protect your brand… Your competition may be targeting people searching for your brand name. Protect your brand by making sure people see your brand and not the competition.

Intelligent targeting… Google uses artificial intelligence and massive volumes of customer data to identify local customers looking for restaurants like yours.


Here’s Why That’s Biz Google Search Ad Experts Deliver Great Results…

Our exclusive focus on restaurants gets you better Google Search ad results with lower costs.

Feel confident your Google search ads will capture the attention of local customers searching for a restaurant like yours.

We delight local restaurant owners with affordable Google Search ads while achieving ad click-thru rates 3X to 10X restaurant industry averages.

Feast your eyes on monthly Dashboard reports showing customers calling your location, placing online orders or asking for directions.

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That’s Biz Spends local ad budgets wisely…

We get franchisees don’t want to blow $500 just for ad management fees for a single location. What the heck… That’s probably their entire monthly ad budget.

A franchisee just wants to take advantage of local digital marketing because they know that traditional media doesn’t work anymore. They want their ad dollars to go to ads and not ad management fees.

We get that. We built our marketing system to wring out ad management costs and put more of your ad dollars to pay for the ads.

We know it works because we’ve done this for thousands of restaurants’ digital ads with great results.

You’ll Know Your Google Search Ads are Working with Monthly Dashboards:

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) captured by Google Ads Platform feed monthly Dashboards created for each local owner and emailed to them. We’ll review the dashboards with local owners to understand what the ads are tracking and what it means to their business.

Metrics include:

  • Impressions – Total number of times the ad was seen
  • Total Number of Clicks on the Ads
  • Click-Thru Rate – The number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown.
  • Total Conversion Value – The estimated revenue of online order purchases and phone calls to your business.

Conversion Actions Tracked:

  • Calls from Ads to your business
  • Direction Requests to your business
  • Clicks on the “Order” button on any Google location-based ad or service after an ad interaction.
  • Coupon Redemptions of advertised coupon offers

How Your Search Ads Get Smarter

Brand Audience Building
Advertised landing pages and associated local coupon offers include the corporate ad tracking pixels. Clicks throughout the ad process from initial view to purchase are added to the corporate audiences for future ad targeting.

The longer digital ads run, the bigger the local audiences grow, and the better ad results become.

Feeding The Brands Customer Data Platform (CDP)
Building first party data is important to most brands. Advertised coupon offers capture first party data including email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and ip addresses. Ads targeting people unaware of your brand or infrequent buyers build valuable first party data at the top of the funnel.

How Our Google Ads Experts Manage the Ad Creation Process:

  • Working within brand guidelines, assigned Account Managers work with local owners identifying local business problems and determining appropriate offers to advertise.
  • Our Google search ad experts create multiple ads targeting customers based on their buying intent.
  • Ad copy is customized based on what the customer is searching for and how your restaurant has what they are looking for.
  • Local owners cover the monthly advertising costs and ad management fees assuming no corporate funding of local promotion ads.
  • Local ads continue to run month to month. Ads can be stopped at any time with a minimum three-month commitment.
  • Ad creation requires brand approved access to Google Tag Manager, CDP audiences and corporate tracking data.
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