You do your customers a service by providing guest access WiFi — go ahead and strengthen your data collection and marketing strategies while you’re at it.

It’s as simple as that! WiFi solutions from That’s Biz allow you to gather customer data through guest access WiFi. Once you have the data, the sky is the limit! From sending targeted and timely messages to personalized birthday emails with restaurant promotions to get your customers back in the door, you can make sales and build long-lasting customer relationships. And it all starts with restaurant WiFi.

Build Brand Awareness

Your WiFi solutions should do more than provide a service to your customers. With WiFi solutions from That’s Biz, you can provide a service to your marketing and sales as well. With guest access WiFi, you can reinforce your brand by doing the following:

  • Control your customers’ restaurant WiFi experience with branded messaging
  • Easily update content with user-friendly design and incentives
  • Personalize your WiFi login page and landing pages with your brand’s images and aesthetic

Increase Sales

As a restaurant owner, you’re always trying to increase sales through unique advertising methods, restaurant promotions, SMS marketing services, and more. You’re already providing customers with free restaurant WiFi — why not make that work to your advantage? Use your guest access WiFi to increase sales by doing the following:

  • Attract repeat customers with specific promotions
  • Increase online visibility and brand awareness through personalized interactions
  • Send redeemable and trackable coupon campaigns to new, former, and repeat customers

Strengthen Your Marketing Campaigns

Running a restaurant is no easy task. Getting customers back in the door, sitting at your booths, and eating your delicious food or sipping on your tasty drinks? It’s easier when you know who they are and how they think. You can use your restaurant WiFi from That’s Biz in the following ways to make it happen:

  • Increase your customer database, view guest profiles, and customize the user experience
  • Track and record guest loyalty and traffic patterns
  • Gather customer demographics to personalize your marketing campaigns

Retarget Customers and Increase Loyalty

As a marketer, you know every sale won’t land on the first attempt. Effective advertising retargets customers who didn’t make a purchase previously, haven’t made a purchase in a long time, or are likely to make another purchase with a push from your marketing. Use your guest access WiFi to make the sale and increase loyalty in the following ways:

  • Use your customer database to optimize your text message marketing, restaurant email marketing, and your social campaigns
  • Build loyalty by rewarding and encouraging repeat customers
  • Based on previous guest actions, send personalized messaging that will be a benefit to your customer

Grow A Social Following

You’re well aware of just how important your social media presence can be for your restaurant’s success. Believe it or not, having guest access WiFi at your restaurant can actually increase your social engagement and following, thereby increasing the number of customers in your restaurant and how often they return. Use your WiFi solutions to increase your social presence in the following ways:

  • Send personalized social messages that show an understanding of your customers
  • Increase engagement by encouraging customers to like your page or check-in with a prompt
  • Connect with your most important audience through the guest access WiFi — a feature that is important to them

Make Your WiFi Secure

WiFi solutions from That’s Biz allow you to still be in control of the guest access WiFi and set limits that work for you and your business. This means you can have secure restaurant WiFi for both you and your customers. Here are some of the ways our WiFi solutions can make it happen:

  • Limit WiFi use (by time, for example) and block unwanted users from gaining access to the WiFi
  • Isolate devices and provide guests with additional security when they’re in-restaurant
  • Protect your back-office systems with captive portal

With WiFi solutions from That’s Biz, we make restaurant WiFi and restaurant marketing easy for you.

Choose from the List Builder package for $59/month or the Automated Marketing package for $99/month. Each offers different benefits for your unique situation. To learn more about our WiFi solutions or to get an idea of what’s best for you, simply contact us today.

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