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Digital Marketing for Pizza Businesses

Move From Expensive Print Flyers/Mailers To Online Digital Flyers and Digital Coupons – See How…

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Digital Marketing for Pizza Businesses

An online marketing system that lets you:

… Market your business online!

Yes, this digital marketing system was created for pizza businesses…

  • • Who want to market online.
  • • Who want it done for them.

… Getting Better Results Than Print Flyers and Mailers!


1) Putting Your Print Flyer Online

We’ll take your print flyer/mailer and put it online on a web page that is dedicated to a specific location. Your online flyer is mobile friendly allowing your customers to view your offers online anytime, anywhere!

The offers to online lead times for digital flyers are cut down to two weeks versus print flyers with lead times of eight to 12 weeks from design to distribution.

2) Put Your Coupon Flyer Right On Your Website


See how digital flyers and coupons work.  The coupons you see below are “live” coupons. 

Customers find your latest coupon offers right on your website.

No more printing for your customers. They just access the coupons on their smartphone – even restricted coupon offers – and redeem them in your restaurant or online.

Try this:

  • Click on the offers.  Look at the non-exclusive coupon offer first to see how the coupons look.
  • Click on the links on the coupons and see all of the features.
  • Redeem a coupon – Click “Show Coupon to Server” and Confirm “Yes” and see how fast redemption is.
  • Register once to look at “Exclusive” Offer restricted use coupons. 
  • See how you can limit how many times a coupon can be used and over what period of time.

(Tip: If you look at a restricted coupon, you’ll receive a reminder email. Reminder emails automatically stop when redeemed.)

Click On The Sample Coupons Below And See How It Works


  • Drive traffic to your website and improve your SEO.
  • Limit coupons to a single use, multiple uses or unlimited use – it’s your choice.
  • The number one search on Google is customers looking for coupon discounts.
  • Guarantee that your website will be on page one by driving customer traffic to your website.

3) Promoting Your Business Locally to New, Potential, and Existing Customers

Your online flyer URL can be emailed, texted, posted on social media, or tweeted.

You can promote your online flyer in-store, on flyers, box toppers or on your website.

You can advertise your flyer on Facebook, Instagram, and all around the internet.

Customers clicking on your flyer URL are landed on your mobile friendly flyer with coupons that your customers can view on their smartphones any time/anywhere.

Your Facebook/Instagram ads promoting your business and digital flyer will be seen by between 7,000 and 10,000 unique people in your local area and the ad will be shown 30,000 to 40,000 times.

4) Keeping Your Business Top Of Mind

Ever browse the internet only to see an ad for a product or service you looked at yesterday? How about searching for where to eat and seeing ads for your competition?

With Google Search and Remarketing ads we’ll keep your business top of mind.

One click will drop people seeing your ad on your digital flyer promoting your latest coupon flyer offers.

The great thing about Google Search & Remarketing ads is you only pay when a customer clicks on the ad.  In the meantime, they will see hundreds of ads for your business everywhere they go.

5) Automatic Customer Reminders

Your customers won’t forget about your coupon offers. We’ll automatically remind them two ways.

  1. People following your flyer will automatically receive email updates anytime new coupon offers are added to your flyer.
  2. People looking at specific coupons will automatically see reminder emails until your customer redeems the coupon or it expires.

Customers are barraged with marketing messages every day. It’s easy to forget about a deal they saw last week. 

One and done marketing like print flyers and mailers are too easily forgotten or quickly hit the recycling bin.

We don’t let your customer forget that they were interested in your online flyer and coupons with automated reminders.

6) Tracking, Analytics, & Audience Building – Getting Smarter Through Data

With digital marketing, you can precisely target local customers and know what interests them. In a print world, you keep sending your flyer to the same people month-after-month and know nothing about who saves the flyer and who is interested in your business.

What if you could tell you print vendor to only send your flyer to the people that are interested? Think of the money you could save… With your online flyer and tracking that’s exactly what you can do.

Here is just some of the information available to you with Digital Marketing from That’s Biz:

  • The number of online flyer views
  • What coupons were looked at
  • What coupons were redeemed
  • How many coupon views
  • How many coupon redemptions

With tracking in place, you’ll build Facebook target audiences:

  • Everyone locally that is interested in your business
  • Customers interested in different types of offers
  • Customers interested in online ordering
  • Customers that have placed an online order

7) Single Use Mobile Coupons – Simply Amazing!

Driving customers in the door requires offers that get attention. In the past, your print coupons gave you the comfort of single use.

Digital coupons can also give you the same limited use comfort while recording who used the coupon.

Your online flyer coupons can be limited to a single use or whatever number of uses you choose.

Coupons are redeemed from your customers’ smartphones with no POS integration required.

Coupons include:

  • Text to your phone for easy access
  • Automated reminders
  • One-click online ordering links
  • Share offers with friends & family
  • Customer feedback after redemption
  • Barcodes for discount codes

Let’s Discuss How You Can Spend Less Money On Marketing And Keep Your Name In Front Of Your Local Customers…

We work with and support Agencies, Independent Marketing Companies, Large Businesses and Brands, Corporate Marketing Departments, Franchisors, Franchisees, & Independents.  Use our digital coupons, digital flyers, and systems to deliver better marketing results for your clients.

Complete the form below to discuss how the Pizza Marketing Machine works and how it can help your business. You can also give us a call at (833) 429-1680 to speak with a human.

Don’t Get Left Behind…

The digital train has left the station… Think about… 

  • Your customers now spend five hours a day glued to their smartphone.
  • Your customers use digital coupons at retailers and grocery stores and want the convenience of digital coupons.
  • Younger generations don’t know what a print flyer is (it’s true, they don’t).

And There’s NO REASON To Get Left Behind… 

That’s because Digital Marketing for your Pizza Business is simpler to implement than the print coupon flyers/mailers you have been using for years…

The only difference between print marketing and your new online digital marketing is you’ll spend less time and get better results.

Both good problems to have!

It’s Time to Compete With the Big Companies…

Big companies have gone digital with advertising and marketing because of the tracking and knowledge digital provides. Don’t let your marketing be drowned out by the big companies…

With Digital Marketing from That’s Biz…

• Your customers will see you online all the time

• Your flyer will show up in search engine results (Google & Bing)

• Your customers will be automatically reminded of coupons that interested them

 It’s Time To Save Time And Get Better Results with your Marketing!

Large Companies Now Spend More Money On Mobile Digital Marketing Than Any Other Medium.  You Can Do Everything They Do And More.

Let’s Discuss…

Complete the form below to discuss how the Pizza Marketing Machine works and how it can help your business. You can also give us a call at (833) 429-1680 to speak with a human.

What’s Included In Your Pizza Marketing System…

Digital Flyer:

  • Location Specific Digital Flyer
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Short URL For Easy Access
  • Website iFrame Code
  • Digital Tracking Code
  • SEO Optimized Code

Facebook Advertising:

  • Promote Your Flyer and Offers With Facebook Ads
  • Build Local Audiences Interested In Your Business
  • Create Ads, Local Targeting, Images & Ad Copy
  • Track Ad Conversions to In-Store Visit Or Online Order
  • Supports Customer Specific Facebook Pixel Code
  • Segment Audiences Based On Interest

Google Search & Remarketing Ads:

  • Track Customer Visits to Your Flyer
  • Remarketing Ads Target Flyer Visitors
  • Create Images to Support Various Ad Formats
  • GTM and Data Layer Code on Flyers

Digital Flyer Coupons:

  • Coupons Created For You
  • Single, Multiple or Unlimited Use
  • Location Specific – Address, Phone
  • Location Specific Online Ordering Link
  • Barcode Support for Discount Codes
  • Tags For Segmentation
  • Facebook, Google Digital Tracking Code

Coupon Redemption:

  • Two Second Redemption – No POS Integration
  • Phone Never Leaves Customers Hands
  • Verifies Coupon Is Not a Fake
  • Verifies Coupon Has Not Expired
  • Verifies The Coupon Has Not Been Used
  • Verifies The Customer Had The Coupon

Customer Convenience:

  • Text to Your Phone for Easy Access
  • Automated Reminders
  • One-click Online Ordering Links
  • Share Offers With Friends & Family
  • Customer Feedback After Redemption

Here’s How It Works… You Tell Us What You Want To Promote… You Review and Approve What We Create… We Do The Rest…  Let’s Discuss…

Complete the form below to discuss how Digital Marketing works and how it can help your business. You can also give us a call at (833) 429-1680 to speak with a human……hint hint, his name is Dave.