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We’ve emailed over 500 million digital coupons!

We work with and support Agencies, Independent Marketing Companies, Large Businesses and Brands, Corporate Marketing Departments, Franchisors, Franchisees, & Independents.

Ever Wonder How To Get Great Email Marketing Results?

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To Be Successful With Email Marketing!

Expect More From Your Email Marketing

Did You Email Yourself a Sample Coupon?

If you did you’ve seen how digital coupons can change the way you email market.

If you didn’t, its not too late.

Go ahead… What have you got to lose!

Seeing is believing… You won’t need a big long demo by a boring sales rep.

You’ll need 5 minutes tops. Heck, do it on your smartphone while your listening to a boring demo by someone else.

We’ve distributed over 500 million digital coupons!

Your customers will love it and You will love it!

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“Your email marketing should do so much more than just push discount coupons to customers. Promote what is important by location with coupons that can be limited to a single use. Capture valuable customer feedback and encourage online reviews with one simple system.”

“We’ll work with your agency to prepare your branded images for email sending and send location specific email messages with personalized smartphone redeemable coupons.”

Dave Gonynor

CEO, That's Biz and FansRave

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Have You Been Frustrated With Your Email Marketing Results…

 From: Dave Gonynor

To: Frustrated Restaurant Owners

Subj: Getting Great Results With Email Marketing

Email opens rates stink? Offer redemptions dismal? List growth pathetic?

You know what I’m talking about.Women Not Happy with Email Marketing

You know what your customers want…

  • Great offers that interest them

  • Show the coupon on their smartphone (No Printing!)

  • Easy to find the coupon later

And then you’re STUCK

  • You don’t want regulars using coupons over and over

  • You don’t want a discount image

  • You don’t want your staff giving coupon discounts to customers that didn’t have a coupon

Yes, you’re stuck because you have no way to accept smartphone coupons that you can…

  • Limit to a single use

  • Redeem without costly POS upgrades

  • Know the customer had the coupon

So you continue to send crappy offers that customers ignore and watch open rates go down the tubes.

All that time and money wasted creating and sending emails with little or nothing to show for it.

Well, I’m here to tell you, today is a new day in email marketing.

With the That’s Biz Email Marketing system we combine email marketing with smartphone digital coupons so now you can…

  • Limit coupons to a single use without POS integration

  • Allow customers to redeem coupons right from their smartphone

  • Redeem coupons as fast as accepting a paper coupon

  • Control customer and employee coupon fraud

And your customers…

  • Never leave a coupon at home

  • Receive automatic reminders about coupons they have yet to redeem

  • Can share your great offer with friends and family

You’ll Love It… Your Customers Will Love It…

Let’s Show You How It Works…