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In 2007, I founded That’s Biz. Our focus at That’s Biz is to help local businesses do effective digital marketing and advertising.

Since 2007, our goals for our clients have remained the same:

✔ Deliver cost effective advertising such as digital marketing solutions to allow you to be more competitive.
✔ Allow you to spend less time on marketing systems and technology, so you can focus on business operations.
✔ Understand what marketing drives your customers in the door, so you can continually get better results.
✔ Leverage new digital solutions and social platforms to support your business goals.
✔ Delight you with amazing customer service.

Today we offer digital solutions for chains with hundreds of locations to local independents.

If you are looking for digital tools you can use today with your current marketing systems to attract new customers and drive repeat visits, then head over to www.thatsbiz.com.

More About Dave Gonynor, CEO

Just three years out of business school and my first job as a bean counter for Corning, I decided I wanted to start my own business. I was amazed by the power of my new IBM PC and spreadsheet I used at my job and thought, “Everyone has to own one of these.”
Within six months, I quit my job, got married, and opened my PC reselling store during a severe economic downturn. Thankfully being young and foolish combined with a wife who worked and allowed me to eat kept me from seeing how crazy it really was.

I always said the rudest awakening in business is opening the doors and suddenly realizing that people have no clue that you exist, never mind that they also don’t care. So very quickly you realize that you need to start selling and implementing effective advertising strategies for marketing your new business.

My initial investors were my parents and a business associate of my Dad’s. I was lucky they left the running of the business to me – no advice and no Monday morning quarterbacking. It was trial by fire.

With no internet or TED Talks at the time, I turned to business books for how-to advice. I made mistakes. Lots of them. Too many to count. There were a few authors and books that left lasting impressions – Tom Peters, Dr. Deming, and Jan Carlson.

Eventually, I learned that running a business was actually much simpler than I thought.

I learned:
► The only long term differentiator in business is delivering outstanding service.
► Hiring the right people is the most important job you have.
► People want to do a great job and contribute. Destroy any barriers that get in the way.
► When dealing with customers, “You are the company.”
► 95 percent of problems are process – don’t blame people.
► The number one question people have is, “Can I trust you?”
► Businesses don’t get beat, they self-destruct.

My greatest thanks go to my wife, my parents, my children and the countless business associates that helped me build great companies. I am forever grateful.

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