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As a restaurant owner, you have enough on your plate — and we’re not just talking about food! There are a lot of things you juggle and take care of every day. Though you may be able to whip up a mean hamburger or a delicious pizza, advertising for restaurants may not be as second nature to you. 

That’s where we come in. Here at That’s Biz, we handle advertising for restaurants. Restaurant marketing is our bread and butter, so to speak, and we’re excited to introduce our latest product to you: digital coupon validation stamps. 

Whether you’re looking for restaurant marketing strategies, restaurant advertising ideas, or simply want to know more about the best forms of advertising, we’ve got it covered. Read more about mobile coupons, email marketing, digital postcards, digital flyers, and, of course, our new validation stamps, and then contact us today to get started with advertising for restaurants. 

Here’s how the fastest and easiest digital coupon validation process works: 

  • Your customer comes into your store and shows your digital coupon on their smartphone.
  • Your staff takes your in-store stamp and lightly touches the customer’s screen. 
  • You’re done! 

Validates The Coupon

Two seconds after touching the stamp to the screen, the coupon will be validated. This means the system checks to make sure the coupon isn’t expired and that it hasn’t been used previously (if it is a limited-use coupon).

Records Information

In those same two seconds, the system also records who used the coupon, when they used it, where they used it, and the stamp number for the stamp that was used.

Caters To Your Needs

This stamp requires no power and no batteries — meaning you can take it anywhere. Use it table-side in your restaurant or even use it on the patio, at the bar, or at the cash register. Delivery drivers can even take the stamp with them since there’s no need for management involvement.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

You know your customers don’t like handing over their phone and you also know they want the coupon process to be fast — this validation process satisfies both of those desires.

Eliminates Coupon Fraud

Employee coupon fraud and freebies for friends will no longer be a problem — because the stamp records everything and only honors valid coupons.

Let That’s Biz Help With Restaurant Advertising

Advertising for restaurants doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, and costly. That’s Biz is here as your resource so you can find out the best forms of advertising, track your efforts, and ensure your money is driving effective campaigns. 

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We are professionals in advertising for restaurants, and we’re here to help you. Contact us today to get started with the best forms of advertising for your restaurant.