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You want to reach your customers — and that’s best done with the help of a handy text message.

Think about it: your customers have their phones on them almost always, a short text message is easy to digest and unlikely to be sent to the trash like an email would be, and if it has a good CTA then you’ll have a customer in your restaurant or business before you know it!

However, your text message marketing will fail, and annoy your customers, if you don’t do it right. Here at That’s Biz, we are experts in advertising methods, including text message marketing. Read here to know how to make your SMS marketing succeed, and then contact us today if you need texting services for your business.

1. Keep It Short

No one is expecting a novel or a well-crafted email in their text messages. Instead, keep the message short and to the point. This is beneficial for short attention spans, but it’s also important because text messages can often get broken up if they’re too long. Use acronyms, abbreviations, and emojis to help!

2. Pay Attention To Time

Your customers most likely don’t want to get a message at 2 a.m. Plan to send messages at effective times that drive sales — and don’t annoy your customers.

3. Don’t Overwhelm Customers

A few text messages each week could be OK for your business depending on what you do and what your customers expect. However, a few messages each day is most likely never OK. You’ll want to provide incentives and value to your customers, and that doesn’t come from bombarding them with messages.

4. Establish Strong CTAs

You only have a few seconds to grab attention, so make it count! Offer BOGO deals, free shipping, and other strong CTAs that will truly drive conversions and incentivize your customer to take advantage of the offer soon. Make it easy on them, too! Say they can simply show the text message or enter the code, for example, to redeem the deal.

5. Provide Opt-Ins Everywhere

Opt-ins shouldn’t just be at your storefront. You want to reach your customers wherever they are, and voluntary sign-up is part of what makes texting services for businesses so great. Include the opt-in information in emails, Facebook posts, GMB profiles, and more.

6. Hire SMS Marketing Services

You’re a rockstar at owning and running your business — but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are knowledgeable on the best forms of advertising. Hire marketing services for help.

Need Help With Text Message Marketing? Work With That’s Biz

Here at That’s Biz, we’re dedicated to helping our clients succeed, and we believe that takes effective advertising. These advertising methods and campaigns include email marketing, mobile coupons, guest WiFi, digital postcards, digital flyers, and text message marketing. Let us help your restaurant or business get customers to the door, and then you can take care of the rest. Contact That’s Biz today for help with your text message marketing.