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Transform Your Marketing with Priiize Scratch-Off Games Enhanced by That’s Biz

Unlock a new realm of customer engagement and loyalty with our enhanced Priiize Scratch-Off Games. At That’s Biz, we’ve partnered with Priiize to integrate exclusive, cutting-edge features into their digital scratch-off games. Whether you’re aiming to build a robust email or SMS list, or provide irresistible offers, our solution is tailored for your business success.

Exclusive Features for Elevated Engagement

Offer-Specific URLs

Our collaboration with Priiize introduces a groundbreaking feature: the offer-specific URL. This tool launches a digital coupon by That’s Biz, merging the opt-in email address of the user with our coupon URL. When users win a prize, they’re seamlessly emailed the coupon, which they can redeem effortlessly at their convenience. This system not only enhances the user experience but also prevents coupon misuse.  For more information visit:  Priiize – Offer Specific URL

Custom URL for Game Launch

We’ve developed a custom URL that launches the Priiize game directly. This unique URL, embedded in email or SMS campaigns, personalizes the user experience by integrating email addresses or mobile numbers. It’s a powerful tool to control game access and prevent multiple plays, ensuring fairness and exclusivity.

Capture Genuine Email Addresses and Mobile Numbers

Our system is designed to capture legitimate email addresses and mobile numbers, enhancing the quality of your customer database. This feature not only supports effective marketing campaigns but also fosters genuine customer relationships.

Control and Limit Game Plays Effectively

With our advanced features, you have complete control over the frequency of game plays. Set limits, like two plays per week, to keep users engaged over time. This flexibility allows you to tailor the game experience to your marketing goals and customer engagement strategies.

Unique Single-Use Offers Through That’s Biz Coupons

The integration of That’s Biz coupons with Priiize games presents a unique opportunity to offer single-use deals. These offers not only incentivize participation but also ensure a fair and exclusive experience for each customer.

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Try It Yourself

Click the image below to play a demo scratch-off game and see how it works.

Be sure to use your email address to see how the coupon offer is immediately emailed to your email address. Redeem the coupon as well to see how easy it is to redeem the coupon.