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Are you tired of spending time and money on restaurant marketing and never knowing what truly works and is effective?

Join the club. This is a problem many restaurant owners face, and That’s Biz has the solution. When advertising for restaurants, you need to know what works — and doesn’t work — so that you can develop a marketing strategy that will work for your restaurant and your customer base. Here at That’s Biz, we can help. Read below to learn about digital coupons and email blasts from That’s Biz, what sets ours apart from others, and how to handle restaurant email marketing for your business. Contact us today to get started.

The Problem

We’ve all been there. Either you’re handling restaurant marketing by yourself and are overwhelmed and don’t know how to handle the analytics or your marketing team at the corporate office can’t quickly pull in information regarding how the latest email blast performed.

Perhaps for your restaurant, like many others, there is no centralized management of point of sale key codes or pulling in the POS data redemption reports per location is difficult.

Then, if you do get email marketing stats, you only find out who opened the email and clicked on the coupon link — not who arrived at your doors as a result of your restaurant email marketing.

This lack of immediacy, abundance of difficulty, and incompleteness of data are what makes advertising for restaurants hard — because you don’t know what works.

The Solution

With digital coupons from That’s Biz in your email blasts, you find a solution. When you work with us regarding advertising for restaurants, our digital coupons and restaurant email marketing are planned well and intertwined enough for you to be successful and know what works.

  • Your email blasts will send coupons
  • You can track the coupon usage at the store level
  • Your franchisees can select various offers for their locations
  • You can see how different offers perform and which locations respond best
  • You receive a report detailing the results of the campaign

You’ll receive an automated report the day after the campaign ends. This report includes the total clicks, redemptions, and revenue impact for the entire campaign, for each offer in the campaign, and for each location by offer. Here at That’s Biz, we firmly believe that restaurant marketing strategies aren’t useful if you can’t track what works.

The best forms of advertising are the ones that you can track and improve upon to best meet your goals — and that’s what you get when you work with us for advertising for restaurants. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re satisfied with your restaurant marketing services, provide you with the raw data you need to manipulate future advertising campaigns, and offer you the resources you need to support franchisees with local promotions.

Let That’s Biz Help With Advertising For Restaurants

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We’re here to support you in building brand recognition, getting new customers in the door, and retaining long-time customers. Work with That’s Biz today for restaurant advertising ideas, effective mobile coupons and email blasts, and other forms of advertising for restaurants.