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It’s 2019 — your customers today practically live on their smartphones. When you send out ads, deals, or email blasts, chances are high that your customers are viewing it on their phones.

One of the best ways to reach today’s diverse market is by advertising in a way that is conducive to their phone use. Text message marketing and email blasts both fit the bill. In today’s blog, we’re going to cover how both will improve your marketing efforts and drive customers to your business. Have questions about text message marketing, digital coupons, or other aspects of marketing? Contact That’s Biz today for help.

Customers Opt In

One of the benefits of text message marketing and email blasts is that your customers have a choice. When they opt in to receive deals, coupons, and advertisements from you on their phone, they’re saying that they’re a willing participant in the exchange and that they want to hear from you. There’s no better way to get a willing and eager audience than with SMS marketing services and digital coupons.

Disappointment Sets In

You have an audience that is ready — you need to meet their expectations. One of the worst things that can occur is when your digitally savvy customers, the ones who do everything on their phones, have a difficult time interacting with you because of the format of your offer. Take a look at these examples:

  • Your customer has to print the coupon in order to redeem it? Many millennials don’t even own a printer.
  • The fine print and the offer are hard to read on the screen of a smartphone? Your customer will probably just delete it and move on.
  • Your customer plans to visit your restaurant a week from now. How are they going to find your coupon buried in a week’s worth of other promotional emails?
  • The actual offer isn’t enticing enough to draw them into your restaurant — and they choose to end their text message or email subscription to your business as a result.

Do you see where the problem is? For such a digitally savvy generation to participate in your text message marketing or email advertising for restaurants, you need to make sure your campaigns measure up.

Effective Forms Of Advertising Keep Up With The Digital Landscape

So how do you keep up with the rapidly changing market and know the best forms of advertising? You work with That’s Biz.

When you work with us for digital coupons and text message marketing, for example, we’ll make sure you successfully reach your technology-driven audience by doing the following:

  • Email fantastic single-use offers
  • Be smartphone-friendly
  • Text coupons to phones for easy retrieval
  • Offer one-touch online ordering links
  • Send an email reminder a week later if they haven’t redeemed the offer
  • Provide fast in-store redemption where no one but them touches their phone

For digital coupons with email marketing from That’s Biz, the coupons will work with your email system. For text message marketing, we’ll make sure customers get texts with favorable offers at appropriate times.

Get Help With Text Message Marketing & Digital Coupons Today

Your industry is competitive, and your marketing needs to keep up. With the digitally savvy customer base of today, you won’t make it without effective digital coupons and text message marketing.

When you work with That’s Biz, you can leverage the easiest lists to build: your email and your text message lists. On top of this, we allow for easy tracking of the results of your email blasts by location, offer, and customer. Contact us today to get started with one of the best forms of advertising for a modern world.