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As a restaurant owner, you want to worry about delicious food, perfectly mixed drinks, and a comfortable, enticing atmosphere — you don’t want to be holed up in your back office, sitting in front of a computer, and trying to figure how advertising for restaurants even works.

That’s where That’s Biz can help. We have the expertise in restaurant marketing, restaurant advertising ideas, and more to help your restaurant succeed — while you focus on the rest of your restaurant that we can’t help with. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss six effective strategies you can put into play at your restaurant. If you want us to handle any of them for you, then contact us today! We handle advertising for restaurants and can help you succeed.

Build Up Your Website

Now more than ever, it’s essential for your website to look the part. Customers frequently look online to find places to eat, and if your website isn’t up to industry standards, then they may never make it in to try your delicious food. You’ll also want to update content on your site regularly for SEO.

Incorporate Social Media

Believe it or not, that Instagram handle may be essential for your restaurant’s business. Update social media often, and maybe even try working with local food bloggers or social influencers. Incentivize them to visit your restaurant, and next thing you know, their following could be visiting you for food!

Implement Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is highly effective for restaurant marketing because it’s short, sweet, and to the point. It’s an immediate, easy way to get a coupon in front of your customers — and they may just take the bait on their way home from work or on their way out with friends.

Focus On Emails

Restaurant email marketing is also effective, though emails typically have a lower open rate than text messages do. By building up your customer base and sending them emails, you can offer unique deals and incentives for them to visit your restaurant.

Try A Contest

Who doesn’t love a good contest here and there? When it comes to advertising for restaurants, a contest is a fun, unique way to fill your restaurant with customers. This could include everything from a customer sharing information on social media in order to get a deal to a contest for who can eat the most pizza in five minutes — design your own contest and have fun!

Protect Your Reputation

In 2019, your online reputation is more vital than ever. If you get a bad review, try to correct it by responding and solving the problem. If you get a good review, respond to it as well! A marketing company for restaurants can help you manage your reputation.

Get Help With Advertising For Restaurants

Whether you need restaurant promotion ideas, restaurant marketing strategies, or help with advertising for restaurants in general, you can count on That’s Biz. Contact us today to get started.