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You research all the best restaurant marketing strategies and have become knowledgeable about restaurant marketing. However, what you used in the late ‘90s for restaurant advertisement is certainly not going to prove very effective in 2019.

Here at That’s Biz, we specialize in advertising for restaurants. We know just what makes people tick and how to motivate them to enter your establishment and sit down for a meal and some drinks. Throughout all of this, we’ve learned just how powerful mobile advertising is. In today’s blog, we’re going to cover six benefits of using mobile coupons when advertising for restaurants. If you need help with restaurant marketing (emails, text messages, and more) or need help generating restaurant advertising ideas, then That’s Biz can help you. Contact us today to get started.

Fast In-Store Redemption

Say goodbye to customers rummaging through their bags or wallets looking for that coupon that they just know they have. Instead, your customers can quickly and easily access the mobile coupon on their phone and your employees can quickly and easily scan it for immediate rewards.

Track Who Is Using Coupons

By incorporating mobile coupons into your restaurant email marketing or other restaurant marketing strategies with That’s Biz, you’ll be able to track who is using the coupons. This will allow you to reward loyal customers with more coupons and special promotions.

Eliminate Coupon Fraud

Coupon fraud is no joke, and, unfortunately, you often end up accepting the fraudulent coupon in order to save customers and sales. However, it decreases sales and leads to more fraud in the future when you do this. Instead, mobile coupons can eliminate coupon fraud by making it very clear that other coupons won’t be accepted.

Coupons Disappear After Expiration

How many times have you had customers come in with an expired coupon and either make demands or complain about the process enough that you accept the coupon or give them another discount? With mobile coupons, this isn’t a problem: they’ll disappear after they expire.

Customizable To Your Brand

Easily reinforce your brand image and customize every part of the mobile coupon to your restaurant. A huge part of restaurant marketing is brand recognition, and something as simple as a well-designed coupon can help you get there.

No POS Upgrades

You don’t have to worry about unseen expenses or unexpected consequences from switching to mobile coupons. With this restaurant marketing strategy from That’s Biz, you won’t have to make any updates or upgrades to the POS system at your restaurant — the mobile coupon will scan just as a physical coupon would.

Work With That’s Biz Today For Advertising For Restaurants

Whether you need restaurant advertising ideas, restaurant email marketing, or simply don’t know where to get started with advertising for restaurants, That’s Biz is the answer. We can work with you on email marketing, mobile coupons, guest Wi-Fi, text message marketing, and other forms of restaurant advertisement. Learn more about mobile coupons and contact us today for help with advertising for restaurants.