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Perhaps it’s a national holiday, a town-specific holiday, or a local charity event. Whatever it is, you can turn it into a wonderful opportunity to connect with your community, give back, and increase brand awareness and image. 

Advertising for restaurants can sometimes seem like it’s all about guest access WiFi, text message marketing, mobile coupons, and continually building up your customer base. While this is true, it’s also essential to become involved in the community. Change up your restaurant marketing by working with That’s Biz to promote a community event. Learn more about our “Community Support — Make it an Event” package here, and contact That’s Biz today to get started with the best forms of advertising.

Description of This Service

Events can be a fun way to diversify activities for your staff and grow closer with members in your community. You can let your creativity fly with this restaurant promotion idea! Advertising for restaurants doesn’t always have to be about coupons and deals — it’s just as important to promote your brand image through giving back. You could host events for national holidays such as the Fourth of July or Memorial Day. You could support charitable events, local charities, and more. You could throw a party for kids going back to school! 

Through a giveaway, discount, or donation, you can help customers want to purchase from you and become more involved. For example, on a specific day, you could donate $2 from every purchase to No Kid Hungry. During the transaction, you could give a coupon for a free beverage on the customer’s next visit. 

We’ll handle the Facebook advertising for the event for you! This is a unique form of advertising for restaurants, and it’s effective at increasing brand awareness, image, and sales.

What’s Included:

While you’ve probably heard over and over again that advertising for restaurants isn’t just about word of mouth, it’s still an important component! This restaurant promotion idea includes the following services from That’s Biz: 

  • Recommendations on how to support different events
  • A branded and themed post for your Facebook event
  • Post promotion with a branded Facebook ad, including branded image, ad targeting, and ad copy

Expected Results of This Service

It’s important to note that this restaurant promotion idea is almost entirely about building goodwill and connecting with your community. You should expect a fair amount of social media traffic as you advertise for the event, as it will hopefully be shared with both fans and friends of fans. 

Anticipated Cost and Revenue

For this form of advertising for restaurants, we charge a $95 agency fee, along with $100 to $300 to promote the event on Facebook. The revenue isn’t as easy to track, since your main goal with this event is goodwill and to increase community involvement.

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