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If your restaurant is struggling and it’s time to make some changes, then effective advertising for restaurants could make all the difference. Read below to learn more about our “Business Sucks — I Need Sales NOW!” package, and then contact That’s Biz today to get started with advertising for restaurants.

Description of This Service

When you simply need to get people in the door and make some sales, one of the best ways is to send out a coupon or offer your customers can’t resist. Here at That’s Biz, we have a deep understanding of advertising for restaurants and will recommend aggressive coupon offers that will get people into your restaurant.

Once we help you with the coupons, you’ll blast said coupons to any lists you have (such as your loyalty, email, or texting list), all of your social media platforms, and Facebook ads.

Tip: You can choose whether to restrict coupon usage to one single use or multiple uses.

What’s Included:

Because advertising for restaurants is our specialty, we know exactly what you need to succeed. Here’s what’s included:

  • Identify available lists and list sizes
  • Recommend coupon offers
  • Provide branded coupons for various platforms
  • Create branded Facebook ad, including branded image, ad targeting, and ad copy
  • Monitor ad performance and reporting; make adjustments if needed
  • Report on coupon performance, such as clicks, redemptions, and source
  • Include the ability to easily order through your online ordering system

Anticipated Cost and Revenue

The cost of this advertising for restaurants will be $100–300/month for ad spend, with an additional $145 agency fee. The revenue clearly shows that this is one of the best forms of advertising when you need sales fast. The expected revenue from this coupon deal is $900 to $2,250 if your average ticket is $30.

Expected Results of This Service

How did we arrive at that expected revenue? Well, here’s the breakdown:

  • The bigger your internal marketing lists are and the bigger your social media presence is, the more effective (and more cost-effective) this restaurant marketing will be; you’ll have to spend less advertising the offer if you have a big customer base already.
  • About 3–5% of your customers will see the offer you send out in email, text, or social media. Of that percentage, about 20–30% will visit your restaurant to use the coupon.

So, let’s say you have 5,000 contacts between social, text, and email. About 150 to 200 people will be interested in the offer and about 30 to 75 people will actually visit your restaurant to use it. So, if your average ticket is $30, then you can expect $900 to $2,250 in revenue. Makes sense, right? 

If you don’t have a list of customers, then it would cost about $200 to $300 in Facebook ads to see the same results.

Get Help With Advertising for Restaurants Today

Our restaurant marketing company can help with restaurant promotion ideas, restaurant email marketing, restaurant marketing strategies, and more. Contact That’s Biz today to get started with advertising for restaurants.