Business Sucks – I Need Sales NOW!

  • Price: $95.00
  • Price: $50.00
  • $0.00
  • Important Information about this promotion.
    • Typical Setup is Two Weeks
    • Recommended ad spend is for a Single Location
    • Multiple locations - pick higher ad spends
    • Customers will receive two reminders about the event
    • Tell us who is your ideal target audience to improve ad results
    • Event tracks number of people interested or going



Cost:  Ad: $100 to $300/mo, $145 Agency Fee

Revenue: $900 to $2,250

Goals:  Revenue NOW

Description:  Katie bar the doors.  It’s time to get people in the door NOW!  We’ll recommend aggressive coupon offers that will get results now.  The coupon offer can be restricted to a single use or let people use it as many times as they want.   You’ll blast the coupon offer to whatever lists you have (email, text, loyalty), whatever social presence you have (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and Facebook ads.  We’ll even include the ability to order through your online ordering system and include the online ordering link and coupon code right on the coupon.  The coupon will encourage sharing with friends and family.  We’ll track what platform the customer got the coupon from and how many coupon redemptions there were.

Expected Results:  The bigger your internal marketing lists are and the bigger your social presence is the less you will have to spend advertising the offer.  3 to 5% of your customers that see the offer in email, text or on social will show an interest and 20 to 30% of those people will stop in to use it.  That means if you have 5,000 on your list, 150 to 250 people will be interested in the coupon offer and 30 to 75 people will stop in to use the coupon.  It will cost $200 to $300 in Facebook ad costs to get the same results if you have no lists.  If your average ticket is $30 your coupon offer will generate $900 to $2,250 in revenue.

What’s Included:

  • Identify available lists and list sizes
  • Recommend coupon offers to select from
  • Provide Branded coupons for the appropriate platform (Email, Text, Online, Social)
  • Create Branded Facebook Ad including Branded Image, Ad Targeting, and Ad Copy
  • Monitoring ad performance, ad reporting and making adjustments if required
  • Coupon reporting – clicks, redemptions and source