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Your customer gets a text message from your restaurant on their way home from the office — and pizza is just what will hit the spot today. Before you know it, customers are flooding in the door because your advertising method — text message marketing — was effective on your slow Tuesday at your restaurant.

If you’re interested in text message marketing, then That’s Biz can help. We regularly work with agencies, independent marketing companies, large businesses, franchises, and more to develop a text message marketing program that works for you. Our SMS marketing services will help you to implement this plan in a simple, low-cost way. We know you’re busy running your business — let us help with text message marketing so you can drive more sales. Read today’s blog to learn eight advantages of text message marketing, and then contact us today to find an advertising method that works for you.

Customer Choice

Your customers will love having the option of whether or not to receive text message marketing from your establishment. With SMS marketing services, your customers will be able to both opt-in and opt-out. This means you don’t have to worry about damaging your brand image if the messages aren’t well-received — the customer can simply stop messages instead.

Fast Delivery

There’s no wait time! You press send and your customers’ phones are flooded with an appealing coupon or deal that they could receive at your business. On top of this, nothing gets opened and read quite like text messages do. In fact, 90 to 95 percent of subscribers read the text message offer within 15 minutes of its arrival.


Buying a Facebook ad spot or paying for Google ads can get expensive. While they’re effective and you should pursue those advertising methods for your business, text message marketing can be much more affordable — even if you send the text to a large contact list. If you’re a business just starting out and trying to save money on advertising, SMS marketing services could be right for you.


Want to announce a sale? Reward your loyal customers? Promote your new product? All that — and much more — is possible with SMS marketing services. It’s a powerful tool that you can leverage to meet the needs of your business on any given day of the week. The only limitation with text message marketing is your creativity.

High Open Rates

How many of your carefully crafted, artfully created emails are sitting in someone’s spam folder, never to be read? With text message marketing, you have a much higher open rate than you do with emails. Text messages are quick, short, and to the point — and they pop right up on your customer’s phone. Even if a customer is simply opening the text to eliminate a notification, your deal will still get in front of their eyes.

Wide Demographic

More often than not with other advertising methods, you choose a target demographic. With texting services for businesses, though, you can reach a large, diverse demographic. Targeted advertising is effective, but sometimes it’s nice to use SMS marketing services that can truly reach everyone.

Complements Other Marketing

The best forms of advertising will never succeed if they’re not supported by other marketing. This leads us to another benefit of text message marketing: SMS marketing is so easy to incorporate into your marketing campaign and use with all of your other advertising methods. Use it to complement all your forms of advertising.

Increased Engagement and Recognition

You’ll engage with your customers more — in a more personal, connected way — when you use texting services for businesses rather than simply email marketing or other forms of advertising. Your business will feel more accessible, while also being more recognizable at the same time.

Get Text Message Marketing For Your Business Today

This may seem like enough benefits for you to acquire SMS marketing services today, but we guarantee you’ll find even more benefits once you’ve started text message marketing for your business. The best forms of advertising are ones that are effective — and we’ve seen just how effective text message marketing can be. Contact That’s Biz today to get started.