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In today’s world, using technology to market your business is a must. This technology can include anything from a website to social media to email marketing — all of which are very powerful tools that help create brand awareness for your company. In particular, email marketing is a very effective advertising method because it can help build relationships with past, current, and future customers in a more personalized way than some of the other forms of technology. One particular strategy within email marketing that we believe to be very effective is sending coupons through email. 

At That’s Biz, we aim to help local businesses learn how to effectively leverage digital marketing in a way that can help save money while increasing profits. Email coupons—especially automatic email reminders— are a tactic we have found to be very effective. In fact, companies who regularly use automatic email reminders have seen an increase of up to 15.8% in coupon redemptions. Read on for three reasons to set up automatic email reminders. 

   1. Automatic Reminder System 

Automatic email reminders are a tool used to remind customers that they have coupons for your product or service that they should use. A major benefit of this tool is that customers who view the coupons are automatically emailed reminders to use the coupon X days after viewing. For example, if you wanted the customer to receive an email reminding them to use the coupon 2 days after they view it, the automatic email reminders would do so without you having to lift a finger.

Not only is this method a convenient way of getting your customers to remember that they have unused coupons, but it saves you from having to keep track of which customers to send emails to. With automatic emails, you won’t have to remember to send an email to each customer every time they open one of your coupons. Automatic emails are super convenient for you as the business owner, and they ensure that your customers are continually reminded about the deals you are currently offering — it’s a win-win for everyone. 

  2. Automatic Stop For Redeemed Coupons 

Each time a customer uses a coupon, the automatic email reminders stop. This means that your customers won’t be bombarded with the same information about a deal they have already taken advantage of. This can prevent customers from getting annoyed about receiving too many emails from you, especially if they have already purchased the product or service you are offering in the email. 

  3. Convenient On/Off Options

At That’s Biz, we understand that not every customer is receptive to digital marketing tactics, especially email reminders. Some people find email reminders to be annoying and useless. If that’s the case, automatic email reminders give each customer the opportunity to turn them off  — or back on — at any time by simply clicking a button. This way, customers don’t have to receive the email reminders for your business if they choose not to. Again, this is convenient for you as a business owner because automatic email reminders allow customers to turn notifications on and off all on their own, without your intervention. 

Email marketing can be an extremely useful tool in the age of technology. Automating the process through automatic email reminders makes it easier for both you and the customer. If you have any questions about increasing coupon redemption or our other advertising methods, contact That’s Biz today!