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The restaurant industry is notoriously difficult … but you already know this! While it can be hard at times to get customers in the door, advertising for restaurants can help. You take care of the delicious food and drinks, and we’ll be happy to take care of the restaurant marketing so people are visiting your fine establishment. 

Here at That’s Biz, we offer comprehensive restaurant marketing so you can relax and feel confident about the future of your restaurant. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how our digital ads can build your audiences and target their interests. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then keep reading to learn more and then contact us today!

Build Your Audiences

If there’s one thing that’s important when advertising for restaurants, it’s building up a customer base. Whether you own a fancy destination restaurant or a local mom-and-pop establishment that’s been a staple in the community for years, it’s essential that you always continue to build your audiences. Digital ads from That’s Biz, combined with digital tracking pixels, can help by focusing on the following audiences:

  • Current customers – This includes anyone that has made a purchase in the past six months. This can span everything from placing an online order or redeeming a coupon to joining your email club, loyalty club, or texting club.
  • Previous customers – This includes previous customers who have not made a purchase in the past six months.
  • Interested potential customers – This includes people who are aware of your business and would be open to visit but have not yet done so for various reasons.
  • Interest unknown customers – This includes people who aren’t currently aware your restaurant exists.

The bigger your audiences are and the more you know about them, the lower your ad costs will be. This is just a small part of the importance of knowing your audience and their interests.

Target Their Interests

When we handle advertising for restaurants with digital ads, we make sure to use digital tracking pixels to track visitors to the following online venues:

  • Your website – If your website is well-designed, then we can identify if people are interested in lunch, dinner, catering, and online ordering simply by looking at what pages they visit.
  • Online ordering – Easily track who has completed an online order and who has previously abandoned the online ordering process by working with us and your online ordering provider.
  • Digital flyers – By distributing your latest offers with digital flyers instead of print, you can easily and quickly identify who is interested in your coupon offers.
  • Digital coupons – Distribute digital coupons in Facebook ads, messenger bots, emails, or anywhere online. Categorize coupon offers and track types of offers viewed and redeemed in order to automatically build audiences interested in specific types of coupons.

Need Help With Advertising for Restaurants? Contact Us

Advertising for restaurants doesn’t have to be a looming question mark over your head or a source of stress and anxiety. That’s Biz is here to help. With our digital ads and expertise in restaurant marketing, you can use digital ads to build your audiences and then target their interests. Contact us today to get started with advertising for restaurants.