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Whether you offer restaurant, retail, or personal services, digital marketing is a valuable tool to help new customers find your business and to retain existing customers.

At That’s Biz, we created a Digital Marketing Funnel to help you understand how you’re interacting with those customers and how that impacts your business.

Learn more about the different components of the digital marketing funnel and how they can impact your business. Work with That’s Biz to expand your digital marketing reach with effective advertising. Contact us today!

Digital Marketing Funnel

Our digital marketing funnel is made up of six different layers where you can tailor your digital marketing funnel to guide new customers from a lead to a repeat customer. Learn more about the ways different digital marketing techniques can help move customers through the funnel.

Get Found/Get Noticed

Develop awareness. This is where you want new customers to familiarize themselves with your business. This starts with effective advertising for your business by landing your business on page one of search results, increasing landing page views, and general digital impressions about your business.

Check You Out

Create interest. Now that potential customers are seeing your business online, you want them to develop an interest in the service that your business provides. This could look like customers visiting your website or social media platforms to learn more, in addition to reading reviews from previous customers to learn more about their experiences.

I’ll Give You a Try

Generate desire. Now that potential customers know that you exist and are interested in your business, market toward their desire for your product or service. This is the stage where you can introduce digital coupons or SMS and email marketing options to encourage them to use your service or purchase your products.

Customer Visit/Order

Get a purchase. Now you want these potential customers to become a customer. At this point, they are familiar with your business and have received different digital offers. These offers encourage them to finally make that purchase.

I’ll Be Back

Develop repeat purchases. You want those one-time customers to become loyal customers. Your business can continue to interact with those customers through digital flyers, additional coupons, and other digital marketing strategies. This will remind that customer of your business and encourage them to return again for additional products or services.

You’re on My Regular List

Loyal customers. You’ve reached the bottom of the digital marketing funnel when you develop repeat customers. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to keep marketing toward them. Effective advertising strategies — like a loyalty app, reviews, and digital engagements — will serve as a reminder that your business is there to support them when they need your services or want more of your products.

Utilize Effective Advertising for Your Business

When you think about your digital marketing in terms of a funnel, it’s easier to understand how effective advertising can impact customers at different stages in their relationship with your business.

Our digital marketing funnel is here to help you create an effective advertising campaign to help your business grow and increase your loyal customer base. Contact That’s Biz to get started with our digital marketing offering and see the impacts of effective advertising on your business.