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Digital Marketing Solutions for Restaurants

Welcome to That’s Biz where you can have all of your restaurant marketing needs addressed.

We’re a team of digital marketing experts who help solve local marketing problems.

We work with and support Agencies, Independent Marketing Companies, Large Businesses and Brands, Corporate Marketing Departments, Franchisors, Franchisees, & Independents.

The digital solutions at That’s Biz get immediate results by building awareness, finding new customers, and increasing customer frequency.

We have distributed over 500 million digital coupons!

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That’s Biz Marketing Services

Powerful AND Affordable!

Effective marketing requires systems and tools to capture contact information from your customers in-store or online.

Email Marketing, Text Marketing, Loyalty, Guest WiFi, social media fans, and Facebook ads are all cost-effective means to reach out to current customers with promotions, rewards, and information.

Very simply – the bigger your marketing lists and the more you know about the people on those lists – the better the results with your marketing systems.  Below briefly summarizes the marketing services we offer. For more details and our pricing check out our marketing services under the “Services” tab.

Local Digital Marketing Works!

Are your print marketing results getting worse over time? Local digital marketing executed properly will give you a strategic advantage over your competition.

Your customers spend over five hours a day checking their smartphone hundreds of times a day. We’ll help you digitally target the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Whether you’re an independent business owner or a franchisee of a chain – ALL business is local.  We’ll focus on solving your local business problems leveraging the digital lists and digital assets of you or your franchisor. Here’s what our customers have to say about That’s Biz digital marketing services.

Let’s Discuss Implementing Our Digital Marketing Services

Complete the form below to discuss how to implement affordable digital marketing services. Check out our low cost marketing services and pricing under the “Services” tab or give us a call at (833) 429-1680 to speak with a human.

What are Solutions-To-Go?

Solutions-To-Go are affordable packaged digital advertising solutions designed to be implemented quickly for a set fee.

Our digital marketing experts have implemented hundreds of advertising solutions solving business problems for businesses like yours.  We bring together a mix of writers, designers, and tech experts and customize the ad solutions for your business that will get you local results NOW.

Visit our “Solutions-To-Go” tab and search for the problem you are trying to solve. You will see a description of how we solve the problem; results you can expect; and what is included in the solution. Very simply, pick the problem you want to solve, place your order, and we do the rest!

Get New Customers – Increase Business – Save Time

We deliver measurable results that matter

Pick the digital Solutions-To-Go that solve your immediate problems. We work with your platforms and your digital assets to implement done for you digital marketing solutions that will get the local results you need quickly.

How We Implement Solutions-To-Go

We’ll introduce you to your very own account manager. They’ll be your point of contact, and assemble a team of savvy writers, designers, and techies, ready to implement the Solution-To-Go that solves your immediate business problem.

Let’s Discuss Solving Your Business Problems

Complete the form below to discuss how to implement affordable local digital marketing Solutions-To-Go that address your business problems NOW. Check out our Solutions-To-Go for fixed fee solutions to your problems or give us a call at (833) 429-1680 to speak with a human.