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It’s an exciting prospect to officially open the restaurant you’ve been toiling over and working on for months now. In fact, from the initial idea to opening, it could’ve been years! While you’ve been eating, living, and breathing this restaurant and are so excited for the opening, your future customers may not even know you exist yet. 

On top of planning the menu, building, design, and more, you’ll need to invest in advertising for restaurants so that you can succeed in the long run. Here at That’s Biz, we handle advertising for restaurants so you can focus on the rest. Our restaurant marketing strategy is comprehensive and will develop restaurant advertising ideas that will help you get your start — and help you succeed long-term. Keep reading to learn more, and then contact That’s Biz today to get started with advertising for restaurants.

Description of This Service

Whether it’s a bar, chain, or new, local restaurant doing things that have never been done before, it’s not going to be successful if people don’t know about it and don’t feel enticed to visit. A grand opening is the perfect time to offer exclusive deals and begin a strong customer base — but it can’t be just any opening. It has to be grand

Our restaurant marketing will do this by setting up ads, growing revenue, and creating events to give your customers prizes for entering a drawing! Our advertising for restaurants is fully transparent throughout the whole process — meaning you can track your ad performance, make adjustments when needed, and monitor the changes. 

What’s Included

When advertising for restaurants, a grand opening is a good time to pull out all the stops and do it right. Here’s what you can expect with this service: 

  • Branded messaging and imagery that shows why to visit your restaurant
  • Branded Facebook ads
  • Branded coupons for email blasts
  • Branded auto-responder emails with a single-use coupon enclosed
  • Create an email list of subscribers and drawing entrants
  • Monitoring ad performance and ad reporting so we can make adjustments when needed

Anticipated Cost and Revenue

Restaurant marketing should offer a powerful ROI, which is exactly what you get with this restaurant advertisement. The cost includes a $100 to $300 one-time fee for the ads and a $295 agency fee. You can expect $600 to $1,200 per month in revenue from the ad, along with revenue from bounceback coupons from the email blasts. You’ll gain 500 to 1,000 new email list subscribers, 200 to 300+ new Facebook fans, and 150+ post shares.

Get Help With Advertising for Restaurants Today

The best forms of advertising are the ones that work. Here at That’s Biz, we stand by all of our restaurant marketing strategies and are committed to helping you succeed. Whether it’s your grand opening or you’ve been in business for years, we can help when it comes to advertising for restaurants. Contact us today to get started.