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Loyalty club memberships are important for increasing your company’s revenue and they can do so in a variety of ways. Their main purpose is to increase customer retention by rewarding people for repeatedly purchasing from your business. By providing them with rewards such as discounts and special offers, you are giving them a strong motivation to continue purchasing from you, thereby creating strong buying habits. 

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One of the most effective advertising methods includes loyalty club memberships. Ensuring that your invitations are perfectly timed is critical to their success. On average, companies have grown their loyalty club memberships by about 14.3% using perfectly timed loyalty club invitations. Below, you will find ways That’s Biz recommends to make the most of these invitations.

      1. Invite Customers During Their Visit 

Data shows that the most effective time to promote your loyalty club is during a customer visit. By doing so, your products will be fresh in their mind, and it will be easier for them to remember why they would want to continue buying your products. If you approach them immediately after their purchase, you can easily explain the value of the products or service they just purchased. However, if you invite them after the visit, the value won’t be as clear and they may be less likely to join, as they will have to go out of their way to sign up since they are not already at your business. 

Inviting customers during their visit allows face-to-face time where you can thoroughly explain your program and answer any questions. Additionally, speaking face-to-face with your customer about loyalty invitations provides a more personal experience, as opposed to a quick, generic email. 

     2. Create Custom Landing Pages for After Coupon Redemption

After your customers redeem their coupons, it is important to create custom landing pages providing information about your loyalty program — including download links to your loyalty app. Similar to face-to-face interactions, creating custom landing pages provides a more personal feel for each customer.

Directing customers to a landing page after coupon redemption will remind them to download your loyalty app immediately. You can also provide information about how to use the app in case customers have questions. By creating a specific landing page for downloading your loyalty program app, you are creating a specific call to action for your customers. 

     3. Automatically Email Customers After Coupon Redemption

Lastly, in order to make the most of perfectly timed loyalty invitations, you should automatically email customers a certain number of hours after they redeem coupons and deals. Similarly to the custom landing pages, the email message should include loyalty club promotions, as well as app download links. This will once again prompt your customers to download your loyalty program app by including a direct call to action. 

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