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A great looking Facebook profile graphic is important to a Facebook page for the following reasons:
1.  It is the image that customers will first notice when looking at your Facebook page.
2. It determines the small thumbnail image that your fans will see in their news feeds with your wall postings.
3. It is a great spot to include your location and phone number information.

Great Looking Profile Graphics!
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Blueprint for your Facebook Profile Graphic
The following are the specs for a great looking profile graphic. You are also welcome to click on the image to the right and print out the pdf with the design specifications to create your own.

– The overall dimensions should not exceed 180px wide and 540px high.

– The top part of the image (180px x 180px) should contain your company logo.  A larger square logo may not allow you to fit the words “Welcome Fans”.

– At 180 x 180px, this portion of the image will fit nicely into the thumbnail graphic.  That way anyone seeing your posts in their news feeds will immediately recognize it is you. (Try to avoid pushing your logo all the way to the edges of the image.)

– Choose the words that reflect your image or brand “attitude”.  For example, “Fans with Benefits” is edgier and may be appropriate for certain venues.

– We recommend putting your city and state in this top 180 x 180px area.  Facebook has lots of pages and finding a page for the first time is not easy.  This just lets customers know it’s you.

– The center image should be your signature item.  If you work with a graphics designer they can make this portion of the image an area where it is easy to replace the image.

– Consider creating several images varying the image or perhaps even the theme. That way you can give your page a fresh new look every month or two.

– Make the center image the size that compliments the image maintaining the overall maximum height of 540px.

– We recommend the bottom 75 to 150px be your address and phone number.  If your page represents more than one location list both addresses and phone numbers.

– Give your image depth through shading and color gradation and make sure that it supports your overall colors and branding.

Remember – First Impressions!
Make your profile graphic eye popping. Your food image should be mouth watering and make the customer want to stop in today to get one.

If you do not know how to create graphics like these, it is fairly low cost to have them created for you. My recommendation is to get several done at the same time to give your page a fresh new look every month.