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Our Digital Marketing Funnel incorporates different types of digital marketing in order to reach different types of customers and help retain and develop loyal customers.

Learn more about how different marketing tools can help drive customers through your digital marketing funnel. Contact That’s Biz today to get started with our digital marketing tools, like text message marketing, email marketing, digital coupons, and more!

Digital Marketing Tools

As a business owner, it can be challenging to navigate the world of digital marketing. How do you know which marketing will be most effective for your audience? That’s why we created a digital marketing funnel so you can get a visual understanding of where your customers are along the funnel.

Different marketing tools offer different incentives for customers, whether they are just inquiring about your business or have been using your service for years. Learn more about the different tools, and which types of customers they can impact or convert.

Digital Flyers

Digital flyers are a great way to provide information about your business or services to potential customers. If customers don’t understand what services you can provide, they won’t use your business. So use this at the top of the funnel to help create interest and desire in customers who haven’t purchased from your business yet.

To expand the reach of your digital flyers, you can target by geolocation to ensure that customers near your business are interacting with your digital promotions.

Text Message Marketing

Nowadays, almost every customer has the ability to engage and connect with businesses using mobile devices. This has made text message marketing, or SMS marketing, a powerful tool for sharing deals and information with customers.

If you have new customers inquiring about your business or service, text message marketing opens up a line of communication to share coupons or other information about your products or new services. For existing customers, text message marketing is a great way to keep in touch with them and remind them why they chose your business in the first place.

Email Marketing

In addition to text message marketing, email marketing is another great way to communicate with customers. While a text message is limited in what you can say, email gives you a visual space where you can showcase your business, extend your branding, and elaborate on the message you’d like to convey.

Emails give you an opportunity to send digital coupons and promote your digital loyalty program.

Digital Coupons & Offers

Any customer loves receiving a coupon for a business. For new customers, a digital coupon or reward offers an incentive to try your product at a discount, making it easier for them to invest in your product or business. For loyal customers, a simple offer of a coupon makes them feel appreciated by your business.

Start Text Message Marketing and More Today!

When you incorporate these digital marketing tools into your overall marketing strategy, you’re helping customers move through your digital marketing funnel. Contact That’s Biz and create a strong digital marketing funnel for all your customers.