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Let us guess: you ran some sort of a promotion in your restaurant where customers would get a discount if they downloaded your loyalty app. The results were brilliant! Customer after customer downloaded the app. 

However, the long-lasting results weren’t as you had hoped. Although they downloaded the app for the discount, those same customers didn’t continue to use the app. Here at That’s Biz, we can help. We offer advertising for restaurants that is cost-effective, smart, and, best of all, it works. 

Here at That’s Biz, we believe that customers will be ready to join loyalty programs after three to five visits to your restaurant. We’ve determined this through working with countless clients, analyzing statistics, and carefully studying a Deloitte study on loyalty in the fast, casual, and quick-service segments. We know loyalty systems work well when customers are delighted with the food, service, and operations of your restaurant. We’ll let you take care of all that — and we’ll take care of the restaurant marketing

Get Customers in the Door

Advertising for restaurants really has one main goal: get customers in the door where they’ll order. The That’s Biz coupon system was specifically designed for this. Through local digital Facebook ads, email blasts, and website email club forms, we’ll promote your business with limited-use offers they can’t resist. We’ll then work these new visitors through your sales funnel with regular email blasts, Facebook ads, and social posts. We like to think of this as the “dating phase” — it’s when they’re just getting to know you.

During the dating phase, our restaurant marketing will continually reinforce the idea of your loyalty club. We’ll do this in the following ways:

  1. Automatic coupon reminder emails with loyalty club links
  2. Links to your loyalty app on the coupons
  3. Landing pages after a coupon is redeemed

During this phase, we’ll also give you detailed information about your customers. Advertising for restaurants is effective when you know your customers, after all. We’ll let you know who is visiting and how many times they visit without becoming loyalty members. You’ll see who needs to visit your restaurant more and who is ready to become a loyalty member. It’s building a relationship the whole time — and our advertising for restaurants can get you there.

Advertising for Restaurants Is Better With That’s Biz

Say goodbye to a one-time download and never seeing or hearing from that customer again. There is a better way with That’s Biz. There are three main things we’ll do for you with this specific restaurant marketing in order to increase your loyalty program:

  • Attract new customers with great offers
  • Work customers through your sales funnel
  • Continually promote your loyalty club

That’s Biz has been a digital marketing company since 2007, and we’ve learned a thing or two about advertising for restaurants in that time. Let us help you build your customer base, find interested customers, grow local brand awareness, improve local search results, and increase existing customer sales. We’ll do all this and more through powerful, innovative advertising for restaurants. Contact us today.