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Automatically recurring coupon offers are coupons and deals that allow a customer to use an offer multiple times over a specified timeframes. In order to maximize the benefits and profitability of this effective advertising method, That’s Biz has put together a guide that can help you better understand how to use this advertising method to your advantage. 

Encourage Customers to Use an Offer Multiple Times Over Specific Timeframes

While automatically recurring coupon offers can be a very useful tool, it is important that you use them correctly to ensure you’re creating value for your business.

Your first goal is to encourage customers to use a coupon multiple times over a specified timeframe to build a buying habit.  It takes four or five visits by a customer to put your business on the short list of places they will regularly consider when making a buying decision.  

Consider what is a reasonable frequency that a customer may visit your business.  Would they visit daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or by-monthly? For example, you could encourage customers to use a coupon for a specific product or service one time per week. 

Limit Usage to Specific Times and/or Days of the Week 

Your second goal is to promote the days of the week or times of the day that need improvement in your business.  It makes no sense to provide offers to customers that would be used during the times that you are normally busy.

When creating recurring coupons and deals, you can also limit customer usage to specific times of day and/or days of the week. For example, you could limit usage to weekdays between 11am and 3pm.  Or you can encourage the customer to visit during multiple slow periods during the day.  The customer then has to use the coupon within the timeframes the coupon is valid or they will receive a message letting them know that the coupon cannot be used at that time or day and the next time and day they can use the offer. 

Limiting usage is helpful for you because you can grow business during normal slow periods without reducing profits associated with normal busy times.  This effective advertising method also keeps the customer informed about the days and times they can use the offer each time they view the offer.  The customer will also receive automatic email reminders encouraging them to use the coupon offer. 

Limit Coupon Usage to a Single Use Per Timeframe 

Your third goal when using automatically recurring coupon offers is to limit coupon use to a single use per timeframe. This means you should not allow customers to use the coupon more than once during each specified timeframe you create. For example, if the timeframe is once a month, only allow customers to use the coupon once a month, and not more frequently. 

Your offers should promote the customer frequency you desire and not reduce profitability.   This will be useful to you because if the customer wants to purchase your product or service more than once during a single timeframe, they will have to pay full price, rather than at a discounted price with a coupon or deal.

Additionally, by only allowing customers to use a coupon once during each time frame, you create a sense of urgency for your customer to use the coupon.  Allowing the customer to use an offer multiple times and at any time reduces the sense of urgency and increases the likelihood that the coupon offer will not be used.

Target Offers to New Customers

Your final goal is to target recurring offers to the people that are currently infrequent buyers and or are not currently customers.  Use digital tracking on your company website and purchasing data to identify your current loyal customers and exclude them from seeing these promotions.  Your goal is to create new loyal customers and not reduce the profits from your existing loyal customers.

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