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New Year, new restaurant owner — that’s how the saying goes, right? As we’re now a week into 2020, we thought we’d go ahead and compile a list of New Year’s resolutions that every restaurant owner can get behind. 

Here at That’s Biz, we handle advertising for restaurants. We are experts at what we do, and we’d be happy to help you reach your business goals in the new year. You should always be pushing and challenging yourself, and we make it easier than ever to do that while also not risking your assets. We simply increase your sales so you can do what you do best: focus on your restaurant. Keep reading to get inspired on some goals for 2020, and contact That’s Biz today for help with advertising for restaurants

Customer Service

Do you want repeat customers, loyal clientele, and increased spending? Of course you do. No matter your restaurant marketing or even if you use the best forms of advertising, though, you won’t get it unless you have excellent customer service. Make measurable, specific, and attainable goals and make sure all employees are on board.

Employee Development

Speaking of making sure your employees are on board, you can do this through regular employee development in 2020. Hold regular training, make coaching a part of your restaurant culture, and consider rewards or prizes of some kind for employees who regularly go above and beyond.

Food Quality

There are two things that are vital for a restaurant to succeed. Customer service is one of them, and food quality is the other. It’s simple: if your food isn’t good, customers won’t visit your establishment. If they do and they’re not satisfied, they certainly won’t return. Set measurable goals such as sourcing organic food, training chefs more often, or adding new menu items monthly.

Improved or Increased Marketing

Of course, here at That’s Biz, we think you should look into restaurant marketing in the new year! Restaurant marketing strategies are diverse and it’s hard to know what’s right for your business and clientele. We’re experts who know how advertising for restaurants works and we can help you through it.

Social Media Presence

One restaurant advertising idea is to improve your social media presence. This can be done at the ground level by you and your employees posting pictures regularly. However, if this isn’t in your wheelhouse or you’re too busy, hire a marketing company that can handle your social media.

Time for Yourself

Last but certainly not least, be sure to take some time for yourself in 2020. It’s important to grind and hustle, but it’s also important to have balance and enjoyment. If coming up with restaurant promotion ideas is just another thing on your to-do list, let us help you out (and you can get some well-earned time off!). 

Advertising for Restaurants? We’re the Experts

Advertising for restaurants is easier than ever when you have That’s Biz on your side. Learn more about us, local store digital marketing, and email loyalty marketing, and then contact us today to make 2020 your best year yet.