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Using PPC restaurant landing pages for your restaurant marketing can help generate higher conversion rates and a lower cost-per-click. When using restaurant landing pages for your SEO, the idea is to create a close connection between the PPC ad and the content of the landing page. This serves two purposes:

  • It helps to create a better “message match” – which means people clicking on a PPC ad and following through with a visit to the website get what they are looking for, and so are unlikely to hit the back button in a hurry – which keeps the bounce rate low.
  • It helps generate a higher Quality Score with Google, and hence a better rank on the SERPs (or search engine results pages). A higher Quality Score – QS – means a lower cost-per-click, so this means a higher ROI on for the PPC restaurant marketing campaign.

Successful PPC restaurant landing pages address the question of “what happens next” very successfully and have a compelling call-to-action.

Here’s How to Optimize PPC Restaurant Landing Pages…

Use High Quality Original Content

There is no substitute to using high quality original content. The restaurant landing pages should everything the visitors need to know to choose to eat at that restaurant. The landing page needs to include address, phone, hours, map, menu, reviews and coupon offers.

The content should focus on a specific topic – in this case, how to choose what to eat at the restaurant, and should be broken into a hierarchical structure, with an emphasis on titles and sub-headers.

The restaurant marketing ad words should be used with thetag and header tags (H1, H2 and so on..) Never try to stuff the keywords as that would work against you.

As far as possible the restaurant landing pages should be readable, interesting, stay true to the core message and help the visitors make the right decision. Primarily, it should give the visitors what they were looking for when they clicked on the PPC ad in the first place.

Strong Focus On the Core Message

A strong emphasis on the core message is absolutely critical to your restaurant marketing. The landing page should not dilute the message by going in several directions, but focus on just one main thing, such as, how to choose what to eat at the restaurant and use the other things such as menu, reviews and coupon offers, to add on to the core message and to emphasize it further.

Effective Storytelling

The best restaurant landing pages use storytelling to the best effect. All great salespeople are essentially storytellers, and that’s what a landing page is to your business – a part of the sales team. There should be an emphasis on positive customer reviews and testimonials that describe the restaurant service. There should directional cues available to guide further user interaction by including links to the restaurant’s social media pages.

Include a Unique Value Proposition

A landing page should include a Unique Value Proposition which describes what is unique about your business (restaurant) and what differentiates it from the competition.

It should have a succinct and compelling overview of the business; have a compelling rich media content – high quality video and photography that showcase your service to maximum effect. It should have a list of benefits and features that are unique to your business or represent its Unique Selling Proposition.

Mobile Friendly

It is imperative for restaurant landing pages to adhere to Google’s mobile friendly guideline, which means they should be compatible with all mobile devices. A majority of your customers are likely to find your service on their smartphone – not making your PPC restaurant landing pages mobile friendly is not only bad for your SEO, but risks alienating potential customers.

A Compelling Call to Action (CTA)

A great landing page should have a forceful call to action which persuades a visitor who gets there by clicking on the PPC ads to become a customer. Without a great call to action, a landing page is as good as worthless. So, for effective restaurant marketing, craft a great call to action for your landing page.

So that’s what makes for the best PPC restaurant landing pages. We hope the information given here on optimizing PPC restaurant landing pages is useful to you. All of the factors described above are essential for a high ROI on your restaurant marketing.