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We’re living in a world that is increasingly less reliant on paper and more reliant on technology. If your restaurant is still relying solely on paper coupons for your coupon marketing, then you are behind the curve.

The best way to deliver coupons in today’s digitally evolved world is via smartphone-friendly platforms, such as email and mobile landing pages. In working with That’s Biz, you will have access to custom-designed, smartphone-friendly coupons that you can more easily deliver to your target audience.

Woman using a discount coupon on a digital tablet with a credit card

Why should I use FansRave® for my restaurant?
Not only does FansRave® give you an easy way to stay in touch with your customers about your latest deals and offerings, but it also adds to your digital marketing. Consider the following benefits:
It adds to the effectiveness of your website’s SEO. It drives traffic to your online ordering landing pages and social media platforms. It helps you to perform better local marketing while supporting the corporate brand. It gives you lower marketing costs, because you’re moving to digital from print.

Here are a few of the biggest benefits of the email coupon services from That’s Biz:

  • Easy redemption. Customers will be able to redeem their coupons at the point of sale without their smartphone ever having to leave their hands. All they need to do is touch the redeem button on the coupon and then show the redemption screen to the server. It’s extremely simple and efficient, cutting down on the waiting time that typically results from using paper coupons. The whole process takes mere seconds.
  • Better targeting. When your customers’ signup for your email club and select their preferred location you can advertise unique deals for that specific location. So if your restaurant has multiple locations you can vary your offers based on the needs of each location.
  • Ease of implementation. It is much easier and faster to design digital coupons for mobile purposes than to design and print paper coupons and get them to the proper sources. It takes mere seconds to create a custom coupon through That’s Biz’s services.
  • Single use. That’s Biz’s services ensure that the coupons your customers receive via email can only be redeemed a single time. Once customers tap “redeem,” they get a unique code to show to their server, then their name, address and date on which they used the coupon are recorded in the That’s Biz database.

Interested in more information about email coupons through That’s Biz? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to speak with you in more detail about how these services can transform your business.