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A location-based marketing firm called xAd released its annual Mobile Path to Purchase study earlier this fall. The study provides some reliable information about the journey customers take from discovering a product to eventually making a purchase.

Unsurprisingly, mobile is a bigger part of customers’ purchase paths than ever before. Here are some pieces of information that stand out from the report:

mobile marketing for restaurant

Approximately 44.5 percent of marketers will use digital coupons as part of their digital marketing strategy in 2016. Approximately 40 percent of smartphone users will redeem a mobile coupon at some point during 2016. By 2016, more than 90 million Americans will have redeemed at least one digital coupon.

  • Mobile beats out desktop for the first time. Mobile (44 percent) edged out desktop (43 percent) for the first time ever as being the most important purchase decision tool used by customers. Desktop importance is also steadily trending downward, while mobile importance has skyrocketed in the last several years. Additionally, younger, Millennial smartphone users are three times as likely to use their mobile devices as their primary source of information than customers over the age of 55.
  • Consumers aren’t just using mobile devices while out and about. In fact, a growing majority of smartphone use (58 percent) occurs while the user is at home, which is up from 53 percent last year and nearly doubles the amount from 2012, which was the first year xAd ran the study. A third of these users are just browsing at home, but 43 percent intend to make a purchase within a week or more, an increase of 79 percent from 2014.
  • Consumers who are out and about are more likely to make immediate purchases. Approximately 42 percent of users who are browsing retail sites while on the go can be expected to make a purchase within the hour. A large amount of this happens even within the store, which leads us to our next point
  • In-store usage is bigger than it’s ever been. Shoppers who are looking to make immediate decisions are browsing reviews for products while in the store to make sure they’re making a good purchase decision. Approximately 60 percent of people who use their mobile devices in stores convert right away.

What these statistics show is that if your business hasn’t found a way to implement mobile strategies yet, it is definitely missing out on potential conversion opportunities. Customers are using their mobile devices more than ever to make purchase decisions.

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