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Because SMS marketing is a relatively recent field of marketing, there are naturally a lot of misconceptions floating around about it. These misconceptions often arise from not understanding how the process works, or simply from not having enough experience in trying it.

Here are a few of the most common SMS marketing myths and the truths behind them:

MYTH: SMS marketing is too expensive.

SMS Marketing Myths

As mobile devices continue to become more prevalent in just about every area of our lives, so too do they increase in importance for marketers of all industries. Consumers are using mobile devices for purchases more than ever before. So why not cater to these tendencies and start offering digital coupons?

When compared to traditional advertisement buying, app development and various other popular forms of marketing, SMS is not at all expensive. Sending a text message is much cheaper than communication through most other marketing channels, and still manages to deliver the same or better return on investment.

Additionally, marketers who use SMS say its high-speed delivery rate (63 percent), high open rates (45 percent) compared to email and low cost compared to most other channels combine to make it an extremely beneficial and useful tool.

MYTH: SMS messaging is dying off in favor of visual apps.

This is simply not even close to being true. It is one of the most widely used forms of communication by consumers everywhere, especially people in the coveted age demographic of 18 to 49. Most research shows messaging apps are the top-used apps on phones.

MYTH: People don’t react to text messages.

Most research shows marketing messages have high open rates, and this can be attributed to the power of notifications. When people get the blink, buzz or alert that tells them they have a text message, they almost instantly look at it. Text messages are also much harder to ignore than emails, phone calls or direct mail.

MYTH: People don’t want to get text messages from companies.

The great thing about SMS marketing is that it is completely opt-in, so you’ll be sending messages to people who have already told you they want to receive them. Many people enjoy getting targeted text messages with special deals or important information, so long as brands are smart about when and how often they send them.

MYTH: SMS programs are difficult to set up.

Not true in the least. You can make your SMS marketing campaign as simple or complex as you wish.

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