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There are more ways than ever before for marketers to track where their customers are coming from, who saw advertisements they put out and whether people who saw those advertisements came and visited a store. Many big-time companies are helping marketers figure out online to offline attribution, the process of determining how online methods of advertising are resulting in offline sales and in-store visits.

digital coupons for your restaurant

Clearly, this is a trend that is continuing to grow. Now is the best time for companies of all types, including restaurants, to begin offering digital coupons so they can stay ahead of the technological curve.
Since 2010 That’s Biz has sent millions of digital coupons for restaurants that customers can redeem from their smartphones and restaurants can limit to a single use without POS integration.

For a long time, marketers have used coupons and codes for offline attribution. One would think that with the rise of mobile technology that offers new methods of accomplishing this, marketers would have made the shift to digital and mobile technologies. However, a recent report from Marchex revealed that even in the face of all this technology, marketers still prefer to use coupons.

Several questions on the survey pointed toward this preference.

Two questions asked about the types of mobile marketing channels advertisers were using, as well as the objectives of their mobile marketing campaign. Mobile web display advertising was by far the most common channel for advertising, followed by social, in-app display and video. Search was fifth on the list. Meanwhile, marketers’ top objective was greater lead generation, followed by increased in-store purchases and mobile commerce sales.

Of the 48 percent of survey respondents who were looking to increase store visits and in-store purchases, the most common method used to measure the impact of their campaigns was the use of mobile coupons. Marketers also said this was the most effective method they have used.

So while there is certainly an increasing amount of technology and a rise in the prevalence of “big data” in mobile marketing, marketers are still sticking with what they know, albeit in digital form: coupons. Coupons are a tried-and-tested means of driving sales, and business owners and marketers don’t have to deal with any sort of learning curve before implementing them.

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