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Email promotions are a vital element of any restaurant marketing campaign. However, as digital marketing and email platforms have evolved over time, many restaurant owners have not evolved along with them, meaning restaurants are still creating their marketing emails in the same old-fashioned way they always have.

Here are a few items to consider before you begin creating your next email:

  • You need to get visual. Not only is it absolutely necessary to include some sort of images in your promotional emails, but these images also need to be visually appealing. You might consider using an animated gif to really catch the attention of people who open your email. You could also use original photos taken inside your restaurant of food, events or customers enjoying their meals. These images aren’t important just to catch the attention of your readers — they’re also a visual cue that makes people more interested in coming in and eating your food.
  • Make it easy for readers to take action. Don’t just write in a soft call to action at the end of your email message. Include actual call to action buttons inside your email that can get the reader to act right away. These buttons could be social media sharing buttons, links to your website or ordering pages, links to sign up for a promotion or contest, links to redeem rewards and much more. In this way, you’re not just telling your customers what you want them to do — you’re actually helping them do it.
  • Ditch the hard sell. People are no longer likely to make a purchase decision because you came at them with a hard sell via email. Instead, focus on providing useful information as well as various coupons and vouchers. You want people to actually read the content you are sending them, and relying too much on overly promotional content will make people either unsubscribe from your newsletter or simply trash it without reading it.
  • Have a great subject line. Finally, it’s important to remember that you can’t get the benefits of a great email newsletter if people never actually open it. A great subject line can be the hook that convinces people to give you a couple minutes of their day by opening your message.

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