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If you are looking for an new channel to use to reach out to your customers, consider adding text messaging to your overall restaurant marketing campaign. SMS is an excellent way of supplementing your existing digital and print campaigns. With the SMS services from That’s Biz, you can easily stay in touch with your customers no matter where they are.

sms restaurant marketing

With SMS marketing, you essentially stay in the pocket of your customers at all times. The program is entirely opt-in, meaning customers won’t get your messages unless they sign up for them. By combining the opt-in nature of the program with a smart plan for when and how often you send messages, you can provide your regular customers with valuable information while avoiding getting them annoyed.

SMS marketing is an extremely affordable service—you only pay for the messages you send, and never have to worry about extra charges for additional keywords. Developing and sending messages is also quite easy. If you don’t want to develop a new custom message every time, you can create templates to make the message creation process much quicker. The proofreading tools we have in place prevent you from sending messages with typos or other errors.

You also have the ability to tie your SMS marketing into your digital coupon distribution. Include a link to a single-use coupon that your customers can easily pull up on their smartphones the next time they come in to your restaurant.

One of the biggest concerns business owners have with SMS marketing is that it can become a nuisance for your customers. However, the service is entirely opt-in, which means customers will only get your messages if they have signed up for them. We also include opt-outs coded into every message to ensure full legal compliance.

Additionally, if you put together a sensible plan for how often you’ll send your messages and at what specific days and times, your texts will be seen as welcome and useful rather than annoying spam. You essentially have the ability to stay in your customer’s pocket everywhere they go, feeding them with useful information at strategic times. They’ll be more likely to see the messages you send them as well, given that they will receive a text message alert on their phone.

For more information about how our SMS services can add to your existing marketing campaign, contact us at That’s Biz. We look forward to answering your questions and working with you!