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As mobile devices continue to become more prevalent in just about every area of our lives, so too do they increase in importance for marketers of all industries. Consumers are using mobile devices for purchases more than ever before. So why not cater to these tendencies and start offering digital coupons?

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No longer do you have to rely on print coupons in the newspaper or mailers. Now you can start transitioning to online restaurant coupons using FansRave®, a local listing and marketing site built specifically for restaurants. Using FansRave® you can create and share smartphone-friendly coupons for up to hundreds of restaurant locations in minutes.

Here are some interesting, eye-opening statistics related to digital coupons. While not all of these relate to the restaurant industry, they definitely provide an excellent look at just how big digital coupons have become, and how much of a benefit providing them to your customers can be:

  • Approximately 96 percent of all mobile users are expected to search the web for a digital coupon this year in hopes of getting the best value for their purchase. This represents a significant increase from 2014, when that figure was just over 70 percent.
  • Emails that contain digital coupons get outstanding engagement. They include a 34 percent increase in unique clicks, a 27 percent transaction completion rate increase and a 48 percent increase in revenue per email sent.
  • Approximately 44.5 percent of marketers will use digital coupons as part of their digital marketing strategy in 2016.
  • Approximately 40 percent of smartphone users will redeem a mobile coupon at some point during 2016.
  • By 2016, more than 90 million Americans will have redeemed at least one digital coupon.
  • Nearly 54 percent of smartphone users obtain their digital coupons directly from the business offering them, followed by 31 percent at daily deal sites.

Clearly, this is a trend that is continuing to grow. Now is the best time for companies of all types, including restaurants, to begin offering digital coupons so they can stay ahead of the technological curve.

Since 2010 That’s Biz has sent millions of digital coupons for restaurants that customers can redeem from their smartphones and restaurants can limit to a single use without POS integration. These digital coupons are easier to control than print coupons while eliminating employee and customer coupon fraud.

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