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Text messaging may at times seem new or even foreign to you, but you can bet that your customers are on their phone and see text messages that come in from local businesses and restaurants. 

If you want your coupons and offers to literally show up in the hands of your customers, then text message marketing is the way to go. The benefits of text message marketing are immense, including that they deliver fast, are cost-effective, have high open rates, and can complement your other marketing. 

Putting together a strategy for text message marketing, though? If you’re not experienced in marketing, then this can feel overwhelming and daunting. That’s Biz can help. We offer texting services for businesses and handle restaurant marketing for a variety of restaurants. Let us help you take your text message marketing to the next level. Read below for tips on creating your SMS marketing strategy, and contact That’s Biz today to get started.

Establish Your Goal

First and foremost, you should establish your goal. You should have an overall goal for your text message marketing in general and then a goal as well for individual marketing campaigns. Goals could include things like how many customers you want to bring the coupon into the store or how many customers you want to have signed up for your text message marketing. 

Determine Your Budget

Next, determine your budget. Text message marketing is known for being affordable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go over budget if you’re not careful. However, you also want to make sure you’re putting in enough fuel for your marketing campaign to succeed. When you hire SMS marketing services, experts can help you know what’s best.

Follow Best Practices For Text Message Marketing

If you’re new to text message marketing, be sure to check out our recommendations for best practices. However, you may want to rely on professional help from the start so you have effective offers and don’t overwhelm customers. You’ll want to keep text messages short (don’t be afraid of emojis!), pay attention to what time you send messages, establish strong CTAs, and offer opt-ins in various places. 

Get Creative

One of the benefits of text message marketing is that all offers and texts can be fully customized! You know your customers and your restaurant or business better than anyone — so harness that knowledge to have a creative, successful advertising method and campaign. From offering unique deals other restaurants aren’t to relating to your customers in a way that only a local could, go ahead and tap into your creative side.

Work With An Expert In SMS Marketing Services

You know how to own and run your business, but you may not know all there is to know about text message marketing. Let us help assuage your concerns and drive customers into your door through effective text message marketing and the best forms of advertising. Contact That’s Biz today to get started with your own texting services for businesses.