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Marketing Funnel

Effective Advertising for Restaurant, Retail & Personal Service

Get Found & Get Noticed

Create AWARENESS with local digital advertising. Target people interested in your business or people searching for your product or service.

What to do: Optimize Google My Business, run local Facebook and Instagram ads, and utilize targeted Google Search PPC (pay-per-click) and Google Display Ads.

Check You Out

Garner INTEREST from potential customers. Engage with mobile-friendly websites and social media promoting your unique selling proposition. Ensure online ratings and numbers of reviews are in the top 20%.

What to do: Build target audiences from digital tracking of website visitors. Engage and grow social media followers. Grow, monitor, and respond to customer online reviews. 

I’ll Give You  A Try

Create a DESIRE to give your business or product a try. Entice potential customers with limited use of digital coupon offers. Capture email or SMS contact information for future lower-cost customer engagement. 

What to do: Ad tracking recording views of the digital flyer or digital coupon offers.  Build your email or SMS messaging lists. Automatic email/text reminders.

Customer Visit & Order

Wow customers making a PURCHASE with a great customer experience.  Encourage customer reviews and respond quickly to service issues. 

What to do: Track online ordering purchases and in-store coupon redemptions with Facebook and Google tracking code matching the customer purchase to the ad the customer saw. Grow online reviews and increase average ratings.

I’ll Be Back

Encourage REPEAT PURCHASES from your new customers. Email blasts, SMS messages, online digital coupons, and local advertising keeps your business in their mind. Utilize digital coupons that automatically renew, encouraging multiple visits over defined periods of time.

What to do: Track online ordering purchases and in-store digital coupon redemptions. Review email and text message opens and track ad and digital coupon views.

You’re On My Regular List

You’ve now created a LOYAL customer. Build brand ambassadors by encouraging “check-ins” to your location and interaction with your business on social media. 

What to do: Utilize your digital coupon offers to continually encourage downloading your loyalty app, leaving positive reviews and mentions about your business. Track loyalty members and social follower growth.

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