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did you know that every month thousands of people in your local market are searching for where to eat?

  • Where will your restaurant rank?
  • Will you be one of the top 3 choices?
  • Who are your top competitors?

Get answers to these questions and more with our FREE Local Search analysis!

What’s included in your Free Analysis:

See how your location ranks at 49 different geographic points in a 3-mile radius around your location.

Why 49 different geographic points?
That’s because search results depend on where the person is physically located when they search. It makes a big difference if a person is only a few blocks away from your location or are they two miles away.

You’ll receive a visual ranking report like the example you see below for a breakfast restaurant.  The number in the circle shows what number this restaurant is in the list of locations on the search result. There is one mile between the center point of each circle.

In the local search scan above, the restaurant being analyzed is located at the center point of the grid. You would expect your restaurant to be the number 1 ranking at the center point. That’s because the person would have to be in your location when they did the search.

Some restaurant owners will do their own search while at the restaurant and think, “Great, I’m number 1!”

But look what happens to rankings just one to two miles from the location. To the east the rankings drop quickly. Think of your own experience, do you pick the restaurant that is ranked tenth in the list?

Who’s Your Competition?

We ask restaurant owners all the time to tell us who they think are their top competitors.

Then we share their search analysis report showing all of the competitors mentioned in a 3-mile radius (included in your Free analysis) and it is usually an eye-opener.

The screen shot below is showing only the top four competitors.  If you Click here you can see the full report that lists 39 competitors in a 3-mile radius!! 

How do you win the local competition game?

As restaurant owner your most important job is to deliver great food, great service and get great reviews!

But even with great food and great service you can find your location ranking poorly in Google search results.

That’s where we can help.

We only work with restaurants. From franchisees of large brands to local independent restaurants, we can help improve your local visibility over time and make sure that your online presence is setup for success.

Get a local search analysis for one of your locations today.

Pick a location you think should be performing better. See where you rank and who are your top competitors.

We’ll email you a pdf of your scan results.

Your report includes:

  1. Your local scan results graphic showing your ranking at 49 different geographic points in a 3-mile radius.
  2. A list of your local competitors ranked from the most to the least competitive in your local market area.
  3. A helpful list of how you can improve your local ranking.

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