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When your ad quickly and easily attracts attention and converts into an online sale, you know you have one of the best forms of advertising. Advertising for restaurants is growing increasingly diverse as technology continues to change. When you work with That’s Biz for advertising for restaurants, you may want to take advantage of our “Growing Online Ordering Revenue” package. Learn more here and contact us today to get started with restaurant advertisements.

Description of This Service

Studies and research show a high correlation between people who view ads on their smartphones and place online orders. Advertising for restaurants is no longer something exclusively for billboards or the Yellow Pages. Instead, you need to increase your online ordering just as much as your in-person ordering — and that can happen with online ads. 

In this restaurant advertising idea from That’s Biz, we’ll create an ad for your online ordering promotion. When this ad is clicked on, your customer will arrive directly on the page to start the online order. We can incorporate discount codes, proper tracking, and more so you can see what drives sales and how to replicate results in the future.

Tip: If you have multiple locations, then we can direct your customer to the page for their location.

What’s Included:

Often, restaurant owners think of advertising for restaurants as an effort to get more customers into their establishment. While this is true, it can also focus on getting more customers to order online. Here’s what is included when you work with That’s Biz for this form of restaurant marketing:

  • Provide tracking code to be installed on your online ordering pages by your online ordering vendor
  • Verify tracking code is firing on all online ordering pages
  • Create a Facebook ad that includes a branded image, ad targeting, and ad copy
  • URL link from the ad to the online ordering page on your website
  • Monitor ad performance and ad reporting. Make adjustments if required

Anticipated Cost and Revenue

The cost of “Growing Online Ordering Revenue” with That’s Biz consists of a $95/month agency fee, a $50 one-time set-up fee, and $100–$300 per month for the cost of running the ad. The revenue, however, clearly pays itself off; you can expect $1,200 to $3,000 in monthly revenue. 

Expected Results of This Service

For just $200, your ad will be seen by about 6,000 to 10,000 people in your target marketing area each month. They’ll each see the ad about three to four times, which adds up to 18,000 to 40,000 total ad impressions. From this, about 40 to 100 viewers will place an online order. So, if your average ticket order were $30, then you could expect about $1,200 to $3,000 in monthly revenue from the single ad.

Get Help With Advertising for Restaurants Today

From handling your restaurant email marketing to offering restaurant marketing strategies, restaurant promotion ideas, and more, you can always count on That’s Biz. Contact us today to get started with advertising for restaurants.