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The eBook includes the following content:

In Part 1: Restaurant Facebook Advertising – Building Your Custom Audiences we detailed how to build your custom audiences in Facebook to understand who are your customers and who are the people that are interested in eating at your restaurant but have not visited yet.

In Part 2 We looked at how to use Facebook Audience Insights to analyze your current customers and interested prospects to identify who are your ideal customers and develop buyer personas.

In Part 3: Restaurant Facebook Advertising – Lookalike Audiences – Targeting Similar Customers we looked at how to use lookalike audiences to target new customers with Facebook Ads.

In Part 4: Restaurant Facebook Advertising – Custom Audiences – Targeting Specific Interest we we looked at how to segment your current customers even further to create targeted Facebook Ads to smaller audiences with specific interests.

In Part 5: Part 5: Restaurant Facebook Advertising – Custom Audiences – Remarketing we looked at how to use the advertising technique named Remargeting which is commonly used in retail.

In Part 6: Restaurant Facebook Advertising – Addressing Your Biggest Digital Advertising Challenges we will look at how Facebook Advertising allows you address restaurant marketing’s biggest challenges.

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