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Crafting message strategies over Valentine’s Day can be tricky for restaurants. The primary audience is the traditional “date night” audience. The secondary audience is the “single” or “friends” audience. Here are two points about crafting your primary and secondary audience email promotion marketing strategy over Valentine’s Day.

Primary Audience Promotion Strategy-

The Primary audience views Valentine’s Day as a special day to show love and appreciation.

Crafting an email promotion marketing strategy to this audience should include the elements of what the primary audience is trying to achieve by eating out over the holiday, i.e. love, appreciation over great food and drinks.

The point being made here is to be creative with the message strategy. Be sure your message is clear, specific, and hits home on what you are trying to achieve with the promotion over the holiday.

Secondary Audience Promotion Strategy-

Restaurants also need to consider customers that dislike the holiday, but want to get a good deal. Think about how you can frame your restaurant special or discounts over Valentine’s Day to attract the secondary audience.

Being creative with your promotion content is key to this audience. For example, you could create a promotion for a special such as “Spend Valentine’s Day with your Friends” or “Buy One Get One Free Sub to Split with Your Friend on Valentine’s Day”.

The point being made here is the message strategy requires careful preparation and creativity over holidays. Valentine’s Day is traditionally viewed as a “date night” but it has also become a “Friend Holiday” or “Single Awareness Day” and creating a fun and engaging message is a strategy to build awareness and traffic with this audience.

Final Thought-

Message strategies are the heart of promotions. Careful preparation of a Valentine’s Day message strategy to fit your primary and secondary audiences is essential. Be sure to identify the messages of each audience. Then use that identification to create the actual message strategy that will be used in your email marketing.