We’re Local Store Digital Marketing Experts

That’s Biz makes it easy and affordable for local businesses to:

– Find people interested in your product or service
– Attract new customers with single use digital offers
– Increase existing customer visits and online orders
– Grow your local brand awareness
– Improve Local Search Results

What Businesses Benefit from Our Services:

  • Chains, franchisors and multi-location owners struggling to support local digital marketing.
  • Independent owners of restaurants, retailers and other local storefront businesses looking to use digital marketing to promote their business.

Platforms We Specialize In

  • Facebook ads
  • Google Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Messenger Bots
  • Text Marketing

How We Help You

  • Empowering franchisees with effective digital tools to market locally while supporting the corporate brand.
  • Targeting local audiences most likely interested in the promoted product or service.
  • Tracking location specific promotional offers to in-store visits and online orders.
  • Enabling digital tracking building the perfect target audiences to promote your products or services.
  • Building affordable “done for you” digital campaigns to solve local business problems.

Why Our Digital Coupons Drive Better Results

  • Aggressive single use offers GET ATTENTION.
  • Coupons include one-click location specific online ordering links.
  • In-store 2-second smartphone redemption – phone never leaves your customer hands.
  • Tracks digital marketing results to in-store redemptions or online orders.
  • Customer specific ad tracking pixels improve ad targeting.
  • Supports bar codes or QR codes for easy scanning of POS discounts codes.
  • Automatic email reminders encourage customers to use un-redeemed coupon offers.
  • Fraud proof redemption process.

Why Our Digital Flyers Drive Better Results

  • Digital flyers will be seen by 7 to 10 times more people than print flyers, mailers, or post cards for the same marketing investment.
  • Campaign lead times are 2 to 3 weeks with digital flyers versus 8 to 12 weeks for print.
  • Limit coupons by the number of uses over selected periods of time (e.g. Use the coupon once per week).
  • Precisely target by geo-location, demographics and customer interests.
  • Promote your digital flyers at precise times of day and/or days of the week.
  • Host your digital flyers on your website increasing traffic and improving your SEO.
  • Pixels track flyer visitors and build an audience of customers that are interested in your digital flyer and coupons.
  • Ads promoting your digital flyer and offers reach the 18 to 35 year old demographics.

Digital Ads Track Precise Customer Interest and Build Audiences Based on Those Interests.

Precise targeting reduces ad costs and gets better results.

Building Your Audiences

Digital advertising combined with digital tracking pixels allows you to build the following target audiences:

Current Customers ✅
Anyone that has made a purchase in the past six months. This includes people that have joined your email club, loyalty club, text club, redeemed a coupon offer or placed an online ordering.

Previous Customers ✅
Previous customers have not made a purchase in the past six months.

Interested Potential Customers ✅
Anyone that is aware you exist and would be open to trying your business but has not stopped yet for various reasons.

Interest Unknown ✅
People who are not aware that you exist.

Effective digital marketing leverages your digital audiences allowing you to target the audience(s) to achieve your desired campaign objective. The bigger the audiences and the more you know about them the lower the ad costs will be.

Targeting Audiences with Specific Interests

Using digital tracking pixels you can track visitors to all of your online venues including your website, online ordering pages, digital flyers, coupons and landing pages.

Your Website ✅
A well-designed website allows you to identify specific customer interest. For example, restaurants can identify people interested in lunch, dinner, catering and online ordering just by the pages they visit on the website. The more you can target the specific audience interested in the product or service you want to promote, the lower the cost to advertise to that particular audience segment.

Online Ordering ✅
With your online ordering provider’s help, you can track every page visited during the online ordering process. Track who has completed an online order or track who has abandoned the online ordering process.

Digital Flyers ✅
Distributing your latest offers using digital flyers versus print allows you to identify people that are interested in your coupon offers. Over time you will have built a local audience that views your digital flyer allowing you to reduce ad costs and deliver better results.

Digital Coupons ✅
Distribute digital coupons in your email messages, Facebook ads, messenger bots, or anywhere online. Categorize coupon offers and track types of offers viewed and redeemed. Automatically build audiences interested in specific types of coupon offers.

Start getting effective and affordable local store digital marketing services today!

“Since 2007 we’ve delivered billions of digital marketing messages and ad impressions and over one billion digital coupons distributed.”

“Our local store digital marketing system combine with our industry leading digital flyer and digital coupon system is the best in the industry.”

“Get trackable digital marketing results to in-store visits and local revenue growth.”

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