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That’s Biz, a Digital Marketing Agency, Partners with Restaurant Brands delivering local digital marketing services to their franchisees and local restaurant owners.

Is your Corporate Marketing department suffering from the following challenges:

  • Swamped managing corporate marketing initiatives?
  • Too many ad platforms and not enough ad funds?
  • No time or resources to support local store digital marketing franchisee ad campaigns?

That’s Biz allows corporate marketing to focus on the brand while That’s Biz delights your franchisees with amazing local digital marketing services. 

Here’s Why Restaurant Brands Partner with That’s Biz for local store digital marketing services…

Every market is different. Urban, suburban… Competitive threats… Brand known, unknown… Low revenue… Low profitability… Not enough loyalty members…

Many franchisees need more new customers. Franchisees spend local marketing dollars but often wasting money on high-cost local print mailers or flyer inserts.

Local store digital marketing is the most effective solution. But who creates and manages the location specific ad campaigns to brand standards? Who provides the franchisee with reports showing how their location ads delivered industry-leading results?

Corporate marketing is overwhelmed promoting the brand. Digital marketing platforms, social platforms, programmatic advertising, Connected TV, local POP materials, loyalty systems, email marketing…

The list is endless and grows every year.

There are just too many corporate marketing initiatives and no time or resources to support local store digital marketing campaigns!

Partner with That’s Biz – a digital marketing agency focused exclusively on helping local restaurants get more customers in the door.

We’re part of your team. A team that listens to the franchisees, follows your brand direction, and gets stuff done.
We understand local owners’ struggles and how to affordably solve local marketing problems.

Since 2009, we’ve focused exclusively on restaurants delivering best-in-class results at affordable per location costs. We partner with brands to solve local business problems with the following local digital marketing services.

Specializing in Facebook and Instagram ads for local restaurant franchisees

Facebook-Instagram Ads

Imagine a newspaper with 90% local circulation and read by all age demographics two hours every day.

Imagine targeting local audiences with ads based on the pages they visited on your website, orders they’ve placed, and their interest in your competition.

Welcome to Facebook-Instagram ads.

See how easily you can have franchisees promoting their location(s) with local Facebook-Instagram ads with or without a local Facebook page.

Leveraging corporate tracking and first party data, we’ve created thousands of local Facebook ads driving customer purchases with ad spend returns of 200 to 1200 percent.

Google search ads for restaurant franchisees.

Google Search “Near Me” Ads

People searching for a restaurant “near me” is the number one search on Google. 

Where do your locations show up in search results? 

Be number one in search results with Google Search Ads.

Our exclusive focus on restaurants gets your restaurant locations industry leading click-through rates between 10 and 25% with affordable ad management fees. Your ads will track calls to the restaurant, request for directions, coupon redemptions, online order clicks and more.

Google display ads for restaurant franchisees.

Google Display Ads

Ever look at something online and then been creeped out seeing ads for it everywhere you look online. Think it doesn’t work… think again.

We support location owners building awareness and recall of your brand in local markets at affordable rates. Deceptively effective Display Ads build positive customer recall of your local restaurant brand.

Google business profile management for restaurant franchisees.

Google Business Profile
(aka Google My Business Listing)

Did you know a typical restaurant’s Google Listing gets over 20,000 views per month?

Your restaurants’ Google Business Profile plays a central role when people search for your restaurant. We fine tune your restaurant Business Profile to get attention. We keep it fresh and interesting with…

  • Regular posting of brand photos of your menu items.
  • Latest updates and offer posts to build interest.
  • Relevant Q&A your customers want to know.

Your Google business profile will out-shine the competition and attract attention improving your chances customers will choose your restaurant over the competition.

Digital coupons for restaurant marketing.

Digital Coupons/Flyers

  • Need more new customers?
  • Want to advertise a “Try me” offer that gets people in the door?
  • Want to restrict that offer to a single use?

Our single use digital coupons are sure to delight.

Imagine this… advertise an attention getting offer on any social site… customers get a coupon in their name… automatically remind them to use the coupon… redeem the coupon on their smartphone… and no one touches their phone.

Collect first-party data, track ad results to redemption, build marketing lists, and feed your CDP.

Email marketing services for restaurant franchisees.

Email Marketing

Email is the lowest cost marketing available for a local restaurant.

Corporate is frustrated – franchisees can create local email blasts on the corporate system but very few take advantage of the system.

Franchisees are frustrated – they don’t know what offer will work and don’t have the time to figure out how to create regular email blasts.

Here’s a solution that works…

We create and send emails for franchisees to brand standards using your brand’s email/loyalty program.

Email messages can include digital coupons that promote your loyalty club, be texted to a phone for easy retrieval, and send automatic email/text reminders to use the coupon.

Keep franchisees focused on local operations while we handle local email blasts for them.

Get results and make everyone happy!