Time For Your Grand Opening? – (Congrats, That’s Not Enough!)

  • Price: $295.00
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  • Important Information about this promotion.
    • Typical Setup is Two Weeks
    • Recommended ad spend is for a Single Location
    • Multiple locations - pick higher ad spends
    • Customers will receive two reminders about the event
    • Tell us who is your ideal target audience to improve ad results
    • Event tracks number of people interested or going



Happy Grand Opening! Start It On The Right Foot!

  • Your grand opening is coming up, so it’s important that you take the time to effectively advertise for it. This package will help grow your revenue, email lists, and Facebook fans. It’ll also have an effect on your social media shares.
  • You can expect to track the performance of your ads and make adjustments where you need to. You’ll have the opportunity to monitor them as well.
  • Create email lists of subscribers and drawing entrants to target your desired audience down the line.

The Grand Opening product will provide you with everything you can imagine to make your grand opening even better. For effective advertising strategies, you’ll want to have a list of potential customers who will enjoy your restaurant, bar, or chain. We can help you do this by providing help with setting up ads, growing revenue, and creating events that will give your customers prizes if they sign up in the drawing. This product can grow your revenue from $600 to $1,200/monthly from an ad and bounce back coupons from email blasts. If you strive for success, then get a little help from our effective advertising products.

  • Grow revenue
  • Grow social shares
  • Create autoresponder emails with coupons

Cost:  What is your ad investment?: $100-300 one-time, $295 Agency Fee

Revenue: $600 to $1,200/mo (From the Ad) + Bounce Back Coupons from Email Blasts

Email List:  500 to 1,000+ New Email List Subscribers

Facebook Fans: 200 to 300+ Facebook fans, 150+ Post Shares

Goals:  Grow revenue, lists, fans, and social shares