Text Message Keyword Opt-In

$10.00 / month and a $50.00 sign-up fee



Enhance your text message marketing with Keyword Opt-In.

  • This type of text message marketing allows you to custom create five text message templates.
  • Send text messages to multiple locations with the Keyword Opt-In.
  • You can create short URL online orderings links when you use this form of text message marketing.

The Keyword Opt-In provides you with $10 and $.02 per month for a text message. Additionally, there’s a one-time setup fee of $29, but once you make a few payments, you’ll begin seeing a difference. With this form of text message marketing, you can double opt-in with confirmation texts, create short business names and address fields, and include a ‘no mistakes’ message check. You can also send to multiple locations and create an autoresponder message with the initial offer. If you’re a large restaurant, bar, or chain that serves multiple locations, we recommend this product for text message marketing.

  • Autorespond
  • One-time setup
  • Great for large venue businesses