Welcome + Birthday Email Package

$37.00 / month and a $50.00 sign-up fee



Promote Your Restaurant With The Welcome + Birthday Email Package

  • If you need a restaurant promotion idea to draw in more customers, then the Welcome + Birthday Email Package will meet your needs.
  • This single use birthday coupon is fraud proof.
  • This email will be sent out on a customer’s birthday to encourage him or her to have their special birthday dinner at your restaurant.

This restaurant promotion idea is a great choice for any establishment because of everything that it has to offer. What’s great about the Welcome + Birthday Email Package is how it’ll only be used once and there’s no chance that it can be used several times. There are two types of birthday coupons that we offer: one coupon per month and an email on the actual birthday. Regardless of what birthday option you want to go with, this is a great way to draw in more customers for birthdays, special celebrations, and more. Additionally, no matter how large your birthday club becomes it’s unlimited.


  • Unlimited birthday club members
  • Two types of coupons
  • Fraud proof