Special Coupon Voucher

$27.00 / month and a $50.00 sign-up fee



Fraud protected, smartphone friendly, and affordable, this package for restaurant email marketing is a perfect choice

  • The Special Coupon Voucher package that we offer is a great way to utilize restaurant email marketing at your establishment in an affordable and effective manner.
  • Our coupons are smartphone friendly, allowing you to reach a younger demographic.
  • Guest feedback is also included, so you know what your restaurant, chain, or bar is doing right and the areas that you need to work on.

The Special Coupon Voucher package that we offer includes many benefits when it comes to restaurant email marketing. The coupons are for your restaurant specifically, so you can personalize it. The unlimited coupons that we offer are for your email club. The welcome benefits that we have will help to draw in any potential customers. In addition to a two second redemption, this package also works with your email service. Whether you’re looking for unlimited coupons for your restaurant, chain, or bar or you’d like smartphone friendly coupons, this email marketing service will meet your needs.


  • Fraud prevention
  • No POS integration
  • Created for you