Targeting Recently Moved into the Area

$150.00 / month and a $50.00 sign-up fee



Cost:  $150/mo, $50 One-Time Setup, $95 Agency Fee

Revenue: $400 to $800/mo + Lifetime Value of New Customers

Email List:  100 to 240 New Email List Subscribers per month

Goals:  Get new customers

Description:  There are companies that will mail new offers to people that have recently moved and are new to the area.  You can now do the same thing with Facebook ads.  Your Facebook ad includes an invitation to check out your restaurant with an enclosed sweet offer.  To get the coupon your potential new customer will complete a brief form to have the coupon immediately emailed to them.  It can be a single use coupon so you can make it a strong offer to give your restaurant a try.  After they submit the form we’ll drop the customer on your menu on your website.  The perfect spot to check out your menu.

Expected Results:  Each month 50 to 100 will request the “try us” coupon offer.  5 to 10 people will stop in to use the coupon bringing 1 to 3 people with them.  If your average ticket is $40, your revenue from the ad will be $400 to $800 per month.  Everyone requesting the coupon is added to your email list so you can market to all 50 to 100 people in the future.

What’s Included:

  • Facebook Ad includes Branded Image, Ad Targeting, and Ad Copy
  • Branded landing page with imbedded form to capture the customer information
  • Branded auto-responder email message with enclosed single use coupon
  • Branded fraud-proof coupon customers redeem from their smartphone

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